Woman Transforms Lives Of Four Biological Siblings When She Adopts Them Together

A woman who started fostering children for a few years after her husband died in 2014, adopted four biological siblings in February. Some people are born to be parents. Being a parent doesn't necessarily mean raising a biological child, but it could mean going the extra mile to adopt a child who needs to be in a stable family structure.

Today, families bring in an adopted kid or two at most into their homes. However, Bobbie Floyd who hails from Philadelphia made a unique and beautiful move. She brought in an unusual number of children into her home: four biological siblings.

While foster systems try to find nice homes for kids under their care, many kids are lucky to find a match. Unfortunately, siblings under foster care hardly end up in the same house after being adopted. This woman was determined not to separate these four siblings and give them the life they’d have wished for. Bobbie Floyd adopted the four kids, and plans are still underway to adopt the other two who are still under foster systems.

Bobbie’s story began in 2014 when her husband passed away. She started the journey by fostering three of the siblings. But as fate would have it, she loved the experience and decided to make the kids her own permanently. Unknown to Bobbie, there were three more siblings out there other than the ones she was already taking care of, making them six, reports FOX 29.


While speaking to FOX 29 in an interview, Bobbie said,

"I realized they were going to separate them, and my whole thing was keeping the kids together because I know how hard it was to keep siblings together. Never realizing that there were six. It just so happened that I found siblings with six of them. I kept them all together."

The Floyd’s are forever having fun and hardly ever have a dull moment. Serenity Floyd, who is 10 years old, says they are all happy and together as a family. Despite living under the same roof with Bobbie, the state never officially recognized them as a family. Serenity remarked, "We all, we’re all together now!" Today, all siblings under Bobbie now share the same last name, certifying that they are one family.

Serenity went ahead to disclose, "I didn’t want to keep going to the system and travel to different homes to homes, so I asked her, 'Can I be adopted?'" Bobbie had to step in after this. At the start, she was the foster parent to two kids, then the others followed. Bobbie stated:

"When I realized that they were going to be separated, I knew that I had space and the patience to take them all in. It’s never-ending because, throughout the years, I feel like I raised one for two years, and I got another one, then I raised another for two years and got another one. So, it’s like I’m still in kindergarten."

Before deciding to adopt the siblings, Floyd already had two of her own kids. According to Bobbie Floyd, she had planned to have more kids, but unfortunately, her husband passed away on October 19, 2014. The wonderful mother says that taking care of the siblings for years eventually culminated in treating them as her own. As of February 19, the judge ruled in her favor, where she managed to finalize the adoption, and the siblings inherited her last name.

Bobbie Floyd concluded, "It’s amazing that my husband has been gone since 2014, and he’s still blessing me with Floyds." It took a tragedy to appreciate her blessings. Her dream to make her family bigger despite the passing of her husband transpired. These siblings now have a mom who strives to be the best they will ever have. Although the other two siblings are still under foster care, Floyd plans to bring them to the rest of the Floyds.

Such an incredible story from such a beautiful soul. Does this story touch you? Talk to us, what do you think about Bobbie and the siblings who are now her legitimate kids? In the meantime, kindly send this to your friends and let them know that humanity still thrives.