Woman Transformed $1,900 Vintage RV Into Gorgeous Tiny House On Wheels

Sep 09, 2020 by apost team

Tiny homes have been slowly gaining traction over the last years as affordable and more sustainable homes. In this video from 2018, one woman named Jessy took that a step further and turned a vintage RV that cost just $1,900 from Craigslist into her dream tiny house — with the added bonus of it being on wheels! She's lived in it for three years already and appears to be having the time of her life.

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Jessy explains in the below video that she had resigned herself to having to buy a "really ugly motorhome" in her search for an RV. But luckily, one day she found this vintage gem on Craigslist, and not only did it suit her aesthetic much more, but it was also being sold for an incredible $1,900! After arriving with cash in hand, she found she wasn't the only interested buyer, but when the other person fell through, her dream RV, lovingly nicknamed "Mander," was hers.


She explains it took her one year and three months to renovate the motorhome, turning it from a lackluster vehicle to a gorgeous vintage-themed home for herself. While many would prioritize function over fashion in a motorhome, Jessy wanted both, so she gave the RV necessary mechanical updates while decorating the interior with whimsical accessories fit for a dreamer!

From succulents and cacti housed in macrame baskets to fairy lights above her queen size bed and even a feline friend by the name of Moonchi, Jessy's tiny house is cozy and functional. She's added her own personal touch through quirky details such as dinosaur figurines, bobbleheads, and artwork on the walls; it might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's Jessy's nomadic paradise!

Taking a risk

While many might only sit and dream about owning such a home, Jessy went out there and actually did it. And while her nomadic lifestyle isn't always easy — oftentimes it is grueling and difficult — Jessy claims it's rewarding and worth it, and that she's learned to never let fear get in the way. Now she's not bound by anything other than her imagination.

Jessy has even turned her experience into an eBook and offers coaching lessons one on one for those who are starting out in a nomadic lifestyle and need help.

Affordable living

Alongside coaching and her eBook, Jessy has discussed how to afford the nomadic lifestyle that she's chosen on her blog. She's prominent on Instagram as an influencer, which undoubtedly helps, but she's also not averse to taking on odd jobs, such as waitressing, if the need calls for it. Additionally, to save on money, Jessy owns a 2015 Super 8 off-road bike, which saves on fuel and allows her to access places that her RV can't go.

It's a unique living experience to own a tiny house, particularly one on wheels, but Jessy is clearly enamored with her home that she's created and the lifestyle she lives, no doubt inspiring many to potentially take the leap one day too.

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