Woman Told Grandma's Painting Is Worth $250 Breaks Down When Appraiser Exposes The Truth

You probably agree with most people when they say that mosquitoes are the most annoying creatures. It seems like they serve no actual purpose except to frustrate humans!

The dangerous diseases and itchy bumps from bites that they inflict onto humans are anything but pleasurable.

However, in this case, a mosquito changed the life of one woman when it got stuck in the most obscure of places: in a painting!

One lucky woman inherited her grandmother’s old painting, but there was a mosquito stuck underneath the glass paneling that annoyed the life out of her! But when she finally decided that it was time to remove the mosquito, she had an eerie feeling.

Could it be possible that the mosquito painting was worth some serious money? Knowing that the famous television show “Antiques Roadshow” was entering a town nearby, she knew that it was time to see what the painting was worth. Standing in a line of 5,000 strangers waiting to get their items appraised, she wasn’t sure what the outcome would be.


The expert that was assigned to look at the painting noticed the mosquito and was about to remove it when a look of shock came over her face. She immediately returned the painting to the original glass packaging and decided to tell the woman the good news.

Although the woman had the painting for some time, she knew little about French artist Henry Francois Farny, who had produced the painting. Henry had grown happy relationships with Native Americans that he had come across in his life, and a Sioux tribe decided to adopt him as one of their own, giving him the loving nickname of Long Boots. The painting in question was of a page group of Sioux riding horses alongside a trail of a mountain.

Perhaps there was a reason that this painting was the woman’s grandmothers favourite! Even though they all believed it was a reprint, the painting ended up being an original, bringing the woman to tears!

Previously blessing that the painting was only worth a mere two hundred dollars, the expert told the woman that Henry’s paintings are some of the most sought-after paintings in the world because of his positive relationship with the Native Americans. Many paintings do not show tribes in this light, so his work is rare!

You won’t believe what the appraisal for this painting ended up being. After all this time holding the painting that her grandmother loved so much, the woman couldn’t believe what the true value really was.

You have to see it for yourself to understand this young woman’s shock! What do you think of this painting? Let us know in the comments and pass this along to your friends and family to see what they think!