Woman Takes In Squirrel During Hurricane Isaac - Squirrel Refuses To Leave New Life & Teddy Bear Companion

Dec 06, 2019 by apost team

A squirrel named Jill has to have her stuffed animal by her side when she sleeps. When she was a baby, she was saved from a possible death during a devastating hurricane. Since then, this cute little rascal has gotten plenty of attention from her owner and the people who follow her on Instagram.

The people Jill now lives with cared for her when they realized she had fallen from her nest while a hurricane was wreaking havoc with the environment. She was supposed to be freed to live on her own once she was well enough, but that never happened. The people decided to keep her and give her a home, and she seems to be happy they did.


Jill has a profile on Instagram that states that she’s afraid of nothing but noisy vacuum cleaners. She doesn’t eat meat, and the things she likes include napkins from Starbucks and catnaps, which is rather odd since Jill is a squirrel, not a cat. What’s so adorable is her attachment to a little stuffed bear she holds when she sleeps.

There are no worries about Jill relieving herself where she shouldn’t because her owner trained her to use the trash can when she has to do her business. She is free to roam the house, but she also has a cage. Jill always looks good on camera, and the people who view her on Instagram love to watch her strut her stuff.

For those who are interested, there are pillows with her image on them ready to be purchased. Some of the images are of her wearing a crown. Others are of her wearing a winter hat with a matching scarf.

Like most celebrities, Jill is treated well. On certain days, she gets to eat her morning meal in her bed. She gets to take a catnap whenever she feels sleepy, but it always has to be with her stuffed bear.

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