Woman Takes Home Free-Range Eggs From Grocery Store To Hatch Them Instead Of Eating Them

Jul 10, 2023 by apost team

Eggs have been a source of animal protein for humans and human ancestors for millions of years. In fact, people in Southeastern Asia domesticated chickens and used their eggs for food as early as 1500 BCE. To date, eggs are still an essential addition to food in several different cultures worldwide. And although the eggs of different birds have become staples in homes worldwide, the eggs harvested from chickens are the most common types of eggs humans eat. 

Although eggs are one of the go-tos for humans when it comes to animal proteins, they have gone through an arc of vilification that saw a decline in egg consumption. Researchers touted eggs as bad for the heart in the mid-aughts due to their high cholesterol. Also, with the popularity and increase in the number of vegans, more people have stayed away from eating eggs. 

However, these vilifications have not stopped people who love eggs from consuming them as much as possible. But regardless of their love for animal-sourced protein, many egg lovers do not know that chicken eggs are of two distinct sources; free-range eggs and regular eggs. The former is from chickens allowed to roam freely, while the latter is from chickens locked up in cages. 

Not many people know about this distinction, and it was one of the reasons a TikTok video posted on June 6, 2023, by a digital creator, Racheal Anne, went viral. The video showed Anne hatching free-range eggs she bought from Traders Joe's. Continue reading to get the details of this story.

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TikTok creator Anne went viral on the video-sharing app over her video, which showed her hatching fertilized eggs she got from a grocery store. The video featured a series of clips starting with Anne purchasing the fertilized eggs from Trader Joe's. It continued with Anne taking the eggs home, marking them, and placing them in an incubator. Another clip showed movement within one of the eggs, and the final part showed a freshly hatched chick breaking out of its shell and another taking its first steps in the incubator.

"I've always wanted to do this and finally did it!! Four babies so far, four eggs still in the incubator! Meet Jo, Josie, TJ, and JoJo 😂🤪," she wrote in the caption.

The video, which has garnered over 12 million views, attracted thousands of comments from curious, scared, and fascinated viewers. 

"I ran to my fridge to make sure I didnt buy fertile eggs 🤣," one person wrote.

"I go on and off eating eggs, after this I'll be 'off' eggs for a while lol," wrote another.

"So like what do u do with them when they're grown up," a curious commenter enquired.

Anne's first video gave rise to other videos of her answering questions from hundreds of curious commenters. In a follow-up video, she explained that most commercial eggs are unfertilized as they are produced by chickens kept in cages away from roosters. However, in certain instances, farmers allow a rooster or two to roam among free-ranging chickens to protect them from predators, and the eggs are fertilized in the process. 

She further explained that buying free-range eggs does not directly translate to eating baby chicks because the eggs are collected and immediately refrigerated, thus inhibiting the process of embryonic development.


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