Woman Snips Off Two Feet Of Hair For Incredible New Look

Nov 18, 2020 by apost team

Women who have long, flowing hair generally love to flaunt it, but one woman came to Christopher a.k.a The Makeover Guy with the command to cut it all off. She had been keeping her incredibly thick hair long for years, but with her 40th birthday behind her, she wanted a completely new look. Christopher was not only able to deliver, but her transformation went beyond what she expected and brought her to tears.

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When she first comes in, this beautiful 40-year-old woman says, "I am a blank canvas, and I need help, I need some paint." Many of us might have felt similarly before, where we just need some color in our lives to brighten it up, and doing a makeover or getting a haircut felt like a great way to begin that process. 

She continues by saying, "I've had my hair long for years and years because my husband loves long hair, it's finally got to a point where I am shedding more than our dogs," which gets a laugh out of everyone in the salon. 


Christopher Hopkins a.k.a The Makeover Guy has a track record of helping people make incredible transformations. He listens to what a person is saying, understand their deeper personality, and is able to create a look that stuns and renders his clients speechless. Often, they are overcome with emotion when they see how beautiful they can be with a new hairstyle.

The woman in this video tells him that she doesn't want just a shorter hairstyle but completely short hair that is styled much like Robin Wright's character, Claire Underwood, from the TV series House of Cards. While this surprises Christopher, as many women are ambivalent about short styles, he understands that she wants a very "different" haircut and fully knows that it means a big change.

The woman also adds that she has a friend who is transitioning and that she would like to donate the hair she cuts off for a wig. Her thick and beautiful hair will certainly be appreciated by her friend. When Christopher makes his first cut for the wig, he jokingly feigns worry for cutting off so much hair. The woman pushes him to cut by saying "Go, go, go!" 

She immediately feels the weight of her hair lessen on her head, saying, "This feels so good," with visible relief and excitement for what is to come. Before her hair was cut away, she had told Christopher and his team that she wanted someone who knows what they are doing to help her out, as she feels clueless about all this since she has been a tomboy all her life. She wants to look good but just doesn't know what to do. 

When she sees her transformation, she is quite simply stunned. She says, "I have never felt this beautiful in my life, ever." She also added that she was second-guessing herself about making a big change, but after seeing herself, she urges others to take the plunge if they also are looking for a big change but are hesitant. 

"It turned out so much better than I thought it could," she says tearing up. She was overcome by her new look, and for good reason! While she was beautiful even before the makeover, she now knows that a big change can an amazing and freeing experience. She seems to have new confidence within herself and is truly grateful that Christopher was able to give her exactly what she wanted.

You can watch her incredible transformation in the video below:

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