Man Sends Out An Internet Survey Before His First Date, Tailors Experience Based On Responses

Nov 30, 2021 by apost team

Dating is like a rollercoaster — there can be just as many ups as there are downs. Sometimes it's thrilling and exciting, while other times it's exhausting and relentless. What's more, the rise of dating apps like Tinder and Hinge is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it's become a lot easier to find single people who could become your potential partner — you can even filter your preferences — but on the other hand, the digital age has taken away some of the romance of dating.

One dating story that recently went viral is incredibly sweet and is a reminder that dating can be fun. A TikTok user named Katrina posted a video and discussed the fact that she's now in a relationship. But she explained what was interesting about their first date:

"A friend of mine recently asked me out on a date, and after I said yes, he sent me a Google form."

Yes, you read that correctly. Her date, Graham, sent a Google form for her to fill out before they went on their first date. In the video, she went through the document, which began with, "you have agreed to go on a date with Graham. Congratulations! He promises a good time with your preferences in mind.” 

Then he included a list of questions that were: "When is the earliest you want the date to start?"; "What style date would you prefer?" which had a whole range of options from "dinner and a movie" to "beach day and ice cream"; "What kind of food do you enjoy?"; and most charmingly, "On a scale of one to five, what is your preference in terms of fancy-schmanciness?" The options included everything from "basically pajamas" to "dress & suit & tie."

For Illustration Purposes Only (With Models) —

Katrina revealed that after filling out the form, she then received an invitation from Graham that outlined all of the choices she'd made, which included "dinner and a movie" and "a casual dress date." The entire situation was so over the top that it was actually very funny and sweet.

What's more, Graham sent her an optional exit survey after their date was over. This was even more hilarious and clear that it was in jest. She didn't fill that one out but gave her answers via the TikTok video. After she posted her video, the story went viral, and Graham even earned himself a bunch more followers since she'd tagged him in the comments. 

People loved the story, and many leaned into the absurdity of the situation. One person wrote, "How to avoid awkward miscommunications 101! Go Graham!"

Another wrote:

"Dude may not have a car, but he does have game...."

Another called it a "green flag," and someone else said:

"If I'm not getting a Google form from my next date, I don't want it."

Now that he's known as "Google form guy," Graham opened up about his approach on his own TikTok. He revealed that he felt Katrina was nervous, but he had some questions for her, so he figured the best way to break the ice was by doing something funny — hence the witty Google form. 

It seems others loved the idea so much that they asked him to make it public, so he included a link in his bio. But he does warn that each person should make it unique to whoever they're asking out; otherwise, it defeats the purpose.

What an adorable story! How would you respond if you received a similar Google form? What is a unique way that someone has asked you out on a date? Let us know, then pass this on so others can learn about it too!

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