Woman Shares Simple Test In Order To See If Pillows At Home Are Expired

Sep 18, 2021 by apost team

Buying new pillows and replacing the ones that have been used for years is one chore that we often forget about. Chantel Mila shared a video on TikTok in March 2021 that shows a simple test you can do to determine if your pillows are expired. This little experiment takes 30 seconds and takes the guesswork out of knowing when to replace those pillows. 

Mila has a huge following on TikTok, where her username is @mama_mila. With nearly 450,000 users returning to her videos for tips on household cleaning and how to stay organized, Mila has found the perfect niche for her creative and helpful advice. In her video about the pillow test, over 11,000 people stopped to leave comments and reactions in response to the useful reminder to change our pillows.

In the video, Mila points out that our pillows collect dust, sweat and oils from our hair and skin. This gross reality makes the test even more important, as bacteria can grow inside your pillows if they aren’t washed and replaced regularly. 

The simple test goes like this: take the pillow and fold it in half, holding it in that position for 30 seconds. When you release the pillow, it should immediately spring back. If not, then it is too old. Mila says that you should replace a synthetic pillow every 1-2 years and wash them quarterly. 

Reactions to the pillow test have been mixed. A lot of people prefer their pillows flat, and therefore expired, and would go as far as to say that they hate the way new pillows feel, while others genuinely appreciated the advice. Keep reading to learn more about this helpful test.

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Mila posted the TikTok on her Instagram account as well, where she wrote the caption: “When was the last time you washed or replaced your pillows? Pillows harbor dust mites, bacteria and sweat, so washing and replacing them is so important.”

She added, “When pillows lose support it can also lead to neck and back issues. This simple test can help you see whether yours needs washing or replacing.” Mila also mentioned that she has a suggestion in one of her other videos on how to wash pillows in the machine so you can get more use out of them. 

The reaction to Mila’s pillow test has been mostly positive, but there are some who refuse to replace their pillows. Apparently, pillows are something people can become rather attached to. One person shared, “Here I come with a 21-year-old pillow of which I’m not getting rid of because I’m emotionally attached to it.”

Mila was also sure to point out that this test only works for synthetic pillows. One person asked on TikTok: "What if I have goose-down pillows? They fold when new." To which Chantel responded, "This test is for synthetic pillows. Down pillows have a much longer lifespan before they lose support (around 5 - 10 years)."

One common question was what to do with the old pillows once they need replacing. Some people throw them away, while others may find different uses for them around the house. In her Instagram post, Mila also included a helpful tip for what you can do with the old pillows. She said, “If yours are in need of replacement, animal shelters may appreciate pillows for donation.”


What do you think of this pillow test? Will you be trying it out? Let us know, and be sure to send this along to your loved ones. 

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