Woman Shares A Photograph Of Her “Boyfriend” Who Looks Just Like A Young Michael Jackson

Everyone was shocked when Michael Jackson, the well-known “King of Pop,” passed away in 2009. He was an amazing singer, dancer, and songwriter. Jackson contributed quite heavily to the music business, and he also influenced the fashion and entertainment industry.

His death left millions everywhere in mourning. Websites all over the world crashed as people searched for the latest news of his death.


We all thought we would never see his face again. Well, we were wrong!

Lourdes Zavaleta posted a picture of her “boyfriend” on Twitter. She was immediately inundated with comments from others saying he looked just like Michael Jackson.

However, the man isn’t dating Lourdes. He is actually a Michael Jackson impersonator named Sergio Cortès.

Check out the resemblance!

Lourdes later said that she had just been joking. The man was not her boyfriend-she had only found the picture online. However, the tweet went viral. To date, it has over 13,000 likes and has been retweeted over 4,000 times.

Everyone was amazed at how much the man in the picture looked like Michael Jackson. He has the same hair, eyes, and incredible bone structure. They could almost be twins.

Many Twitter users left comments that referenced Michael Jackson songs. One person suggested asking him if he ever found out if Annie was okay.

Sergio is a Michael Jackson impersonator who puts on an amazing tribute show to the late singer.

These performances are 100% inspired by the King of Pop himself- from the dancing to the songs to the magnetic stage performance. Sergio is able to channel Michael Jackson in every move.

He performs the classics, such as “Smooth Criminal,” “Man in the Mirror,” and “Thriller.” The crowds love him.

Lourdes had originally found the picture online and posted it as a joke. She was shocked when it started to go viral.

Lourdes has said she feels guilty for letting people think that Sergio was her boyfriend. However, she did help him gain more exposure for his act.

The best part of the whole tweet is the fact that people are still in love with Michael Jackson. Thanks to performers like Sergio, his music and moves will live on for decades.

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