Woman's Fiancé Sleeps With Her Sister — Years Of No Contact Later, Sister Insists On Being A Bridesmaid For Her Wedding

Nov 07, 2023 by apost team

The bond between sisters is unexplainable despite their differences because not only are they blood-related, but some of them also connect with one another in terms of hobbies, activities, and likes. However, it’s a different story if they find love in the same man.

This is what happened to a woman whose ex-fiancé cheated on her with her sister. The anonymous woman took to Slate.com’s “Dear Prudence” column in June 2022 to ask for advice regarding her situation.

The woman gave a background story as she explained that she broke off her first engagement after she found out that her then 19-year-old sister had slept with her fiancé at the time. 

She tried confronting her sister about it, but she “lied and tried to act like a little, innocent angel,” as she claimed that she was “seduced” by the man. Little did she know that the woman had proof from her sister’s friends, which revealed that she had been “gunning” for the guy since she was 17 years old.

“Over three years’ worth of texts, my sister savaged my looks and talked about how my fiancé could do so much better than me. When she learned he would be joining me at the family home, she would crow about getting out her ‘sexy’ pajamas and better bikinis,” she wrote.

After the confrontation, the two sisters’ relationship had been strained, and they became estranged from each other, which was difficult for their parents.

Years later, the woman found the love of her life and was engaged to “a wonderful man.” As a gesture, she invited her long-estranged sister to the wedding but not to the wedding party.

The sister was offended about it, and she confronted her through a phone call, telling her that it was time that she “acted like an adult.” 

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Not only was she mad about the no-invite to the party, but she also wanted to be a bridesmaid since she was her only sister.

“She ruined my first engagement—why would I want her within fifty feet of my new one?” the woman wrote.

The woman later noted that her parents were the only ones on her side, and she decided to revoke the invitation, which her fiancé fully supported her about.

However, she was worried about her parents because they were very protective of her sister, and they always argued about her invitation with her.

The soon-to-be bride then revealed that she and her fiancé were expecting a baby, and they hadn’t told anybody yet at the time. 

She noted that she was worried that her parents might not come to her wedding, but she also thought that it was for the best as “it will be a clear sign they chose” her sister over her again.

Following her written story, she received a piece of advice from R. Eric Thomas, who filled in as Prudie for the original Jenée Desmond-Harris at the time.

“I’m glad that you’re sticking to your convictions and that you have some family support, as well as the support of your fiancé,” Prudie wrote.

Prudie then supported the woman with her decision as she didn’t have to invite her sister to the wedding party in the first place. They later assured her that the sister could take “responsibility” for what happened between them, but based on her story, she refused to do so.

Regarding her pregnancy, Prudie said she should sit down with her parents and start a conversation about “harm and boundaries” and if she wanted them to choose her side but they couldn’t, they should acknowledge her feelings.


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What do you think of the sister’s actions towards her sister after what she did in the past? How would you react, or what would be your plan if this ever happened to you? Let us know your thoughts and make sure to pass this on to your friends and family.

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