Woman Rescues Hairless Rabbit From Euthanasia And He Soon Turns Into Social Media Star

A rare hairless rabbit named Mr. Bigglesworth became an internet sensation shortly after he was saved from Euthanasia.

Hairless animals aren't that unique, as nature has a lot in store. The naked mole-rat, for instance, passes through phases of hairlessness during its teenage years. In some cases, the hairlessness can be explained from genetics with conditions such as alopecia causing baldness. As expected, we can't all like and dislike the same things, and that's why these hairless creatures become a controversial topic when evaluating their cuteness. This is totally acceptable.

Nonetheless, this one hairless rabbit that goes by the name Mr. Bigglesworth on Instagram is one sensational creature given to us by nature. Have you seen a hairless rabbit before? While you would think that all mammals with hair and fur, including the human race, must be covered in it, it makes sense to have a variety in density.


You can all agree that a hairless rabbit is an unusual occurrence. With this particular rabbit, Mr. Bigglesworth, something tragic explains the reason why hairless rabbits are rare and unique. Digging a little deeper into science, hairless bunnies are the fruit of parents with certain a gene referred to as “FF gene,” which means if two rabbits breed with the same gene they will produce one hairless rabbit in every litter.

But here’s the saddest part; most of these hairless baby bunnies don’t live long–in some cases just a few weeks. According to science, their genetic composition often triggers other complex health problems that make them unfit to survive for extended periods.

As it happens, one woman named Cassandra was minding her business when this hairless rabbit caught her attention. The bunny wasn’t listed for sale in a local rabbit breeder specializing in selling rabbits. Cassandra was determined to know why the cute hairless bunny wasn’t for sale.

The following day Cassandra went into the store and bought the hairless rabbit. She named him Mr. Bigglesworth that traces to Austin Power movies that feature a hairless cat that bears the name.

The journey to taking care of Mr. Bigglesworth wasn’t going to be easy for Cassandra. With minimal information about rare and hairless bunnies on the internet, Cassandra had a hard time figuring things out.

Despite all odds, Mr. Bigglesworth has stood the test of time, and it’s been two years since Cassandra brought him home. He has since grown into a very huge and handsome rabbit. He has a huge following on Instagram that is in awe of all his photos and progress.

While all odds could be running against you, it doesn’t mean the end has to be tragic. Mr. Bigglesworth proves that disabilities aren’t inabilities. He continues to live a fulfilled and happy life behind the hairless skin. Nothing comes as close to adorable as this Instagram sensation.

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