Woman Records Dog Pulls Stray Cat Through Snow Only To Find Out “Mission” Lighting Up The Internet

Feb 13, 2019 by apost team

Responsible pet owners know that if it is too cold for people to spend any length of time outdoors, it is also too cold for pets. Domesticated pets are not prepared to deal with extremely cold air temperatures and wind chills. When it is okay for them to go outside, they need protection for their paws.

Dogs with low body fat, such as greyhounds, even need a winter coat in order to keep them warm. Pets should only go out for a brief amount of time in order to do their business, then they should return to the indoors. Owners should clean their paws of ice and salt.

On a recent winter day, a woman took her dog for a walk. The dog has a medium-length coat of tan and black fur.

The dog was excited to go outside, smell all the things and breathe in the fresh air. While walking, the dog spotted a creature in need of its help.


During times of extreme cold, cats usually only venture outside in order to hunt for food. Even a barn cat will hunker down in some straw if it is too cold outside.

The woman's dog found a big black cat walking in the snow on a cold day. The dog spotted the cat straightaway and was not going to let it leave.

The dog's parenting instincts kicked in during this walk. It picked up the cat by the scruff of the neck. This determined pooch curved corners and went around, all the while carrying the cat.

The dog carried the cat all the way to its dog house, plopped the cat inside, went into the dog house and curled up. After a bit, the dog poked its head out to look around. The dog quickly went back inside in order to curl up with the kitty.

Have you ever seen one animal helping another animal of a different species? Did the recipient of the help seem to appreciate it? What do you think about this dog's rescue work?