Woman Reaches Her Arm To Horse But It’s Horse’s Move Making Everybody’s Eyes Bulge

We're so used to seeing trained animals that we can forget just how much work goes into disciplining them. It can be hard enough to keep your dog off the couch or teach your cat to not claw it up, to say nothing of how much work goes into getting animals to perform truly amazing feats. Majestic show horses and their trainer, Sylvia Zerbini, have shown just how marvelous these equine beauties can be when given the proper guidance.

Zerbini finds strength in gentleness because horses must be instructed with patience and love, not aggression. She has a special relationship with these beings, as she's personally raised each of them on her farm.

She refrains from using any sort of tactile items, such as whips. Her horses are also completely bare, free of any harnesses or saddles.

For their performances, known as "Grande Liberté", Zerbini and her horses rely on the movement of her limbs and establishing trust based on her eye contact in addition to her maintaining a gentle tone of voice.


Her methods don't just keep the horses calm. They also help give them the confidence to do things that are beyond words in how impressive they are. It's noteworthy enough for someone to be able to guide even one horse like how Zerbini does, but your jaw might hit the floor when you see what she's able to do with three horses.

This trio is able to follow Zerbini's instructions and has clearly established plenty of trust with her.

She's able to stay calm and show just how much she enjoys this movement. To Sylvia, this is something that she was clearly born to do. The horses are lucky to be under the guidance of someone who's as lovely and heartfelt as she is.

Just watching how they make their way around the performance area in line with Zerbini's instructions is spectacular. It's like watching a great symphony perform but one with horses as the members of the orchestra.

We're glad they have a conductor who's as dedicated and caring as Zerbini is.

It's not every day that you get to see horses performing feats like Zerbini's. What do you think of this performance and how Zerbini trains her horses? Be sure to show this to anyone you know who loves horses and/or seeing animals perform.