Woman Quits Her Job To Film Herself Eating Fast-Food And Chinese Takeaway Online

Nov 06, 2019

What the heck is mukbang? In 2010, mukbang was popularized in South Korea and has since become an internet sensation. Mukbang is a trend where people will sit in front of their online audience and eat enormous amounts of food while conversing with their audience. You've probably seen these food challenges online, where streamers attempt to eat 12,000 calories of cheesy French fires or several large pizzas.

While not the healthiest trend, there are many people worldwide who are trying to become internet sensations by accepting the mukbang challenge. Recently, a YouTube personality from London, Charna Rowley, decided the best life choice for her was to quit her administrative job and take on the mukbang challenge full-time.


The 22-year-old now has about 40,000 people watching her eat upwards of five or six thousand calories in one sitting, and she's hoping to eventually work her way up to 10,000 calories. She prides herself on being able to eat McDonald's, Chinese take-out, pizza, and other fast food items.

Since she's begun, she's earned enough followers to monetize her channel, and she's hopeful that her new mukbang life will eventually become a full-time job. Currently, she works in a warehouse part-time to pay the bills.

Rowley told The Mirror that she does receive negative comments about her weight and her unhealthy lifestyle, but she just ignores them. Rowley says that this new lifestyle gives her confidence and that she enjoys making people happy and laugh at how funny she is when she's in front of the camera.

Once she was able to start getting followers, her confidence started to boom, and she realized that this lifestyle was her new passion and that she wanted to do it for a living.

To date, her most popular video has included Rowley eating a hefty portion of Chinese takeout that included spring rolls, chow mein, fried rice, chicken balls, chips, and prawn crackers. With 48,000 views so far, the video has gone somewhat viral and has increased Rowley's popularity.

Do you think Rowley has what it takes to make it? Do you think this is something she should continue to pursue, or do you think this is an unhealthy lifestyle that will only lead to disaster? Tell us your thoughts below. Pass this article along to your friends and family.