Woman Praised For Kicking Out Her Fiancé & Pregnant Stepdaughter Who Threw Her Elderly Cat Out Of The House

Aug 14, 2023 by apost team

Pregnancy hormones are known to shift a woman’s mood and impulses. When someone is pregnant, they tend to be more sensitive, have heightened senses, and even have strong impulses to do something unpredictable. 

However, having pregnancy hormones does not excuse a woman from bad behavior; at least, that is what u/Wise-Hall2842 wanted to say in her post on the AITA Thread on Reddit on Aug. 4, 2023. 

According to the Original Poster (OP), she and her fiancé are supposed to get married soon. Her fiancé has two kids, 22-year-old Kate and 19-year-old Kim, whom OP described as having had a “bad attitude to everyone,” especially her. 

“Kim is 3 months pregnant and living with us because we have more room for her and the baby, the baby daddy stays sometimes but he has two jobs along with studies so it’s mainly been me who’s take care of her,” she wrote on the post. 

At one point during Kim’s pregnancy, OP recalled the time when Kim’s boyfriend arrived at her place to take care of her. OP and her fiancé decided to go for a walk. However, upon returning home, she noticed that her cat had gone missing. OP noted that Kim had hated the cat and had asked her before to get rid of it.

When she asked Kim about it, she was told that the cat “ran out,” which OP did not believe. 

“So I checked the ring camera and as expected Kim threw whiskey out that ran her off. My fiancé tried saying kim is pregnant her hormones are all over the place and pregnancy brain messes with women that he was gonna bring up getting rid of whiskey for the baby sake anyway,” she recalled. 

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According to OP, she was “in tears” upon learning that her pet cat was lost until she glanced at Kim’s “smug satisfied look” on her face where she “lost it.” 

“I got up in her face and scream that she had one hour to find my cat or all her s*** would be in the dumpster and I was done being her slave. She said she wasn’t looking for my stupid cat and back off as she was pregnant, my fiancé told me to calm down and we’d look for the cat,” she wrote. 

OP refused to calm down, and she would look for the cat herself. She also insisted that when she gets back to the house, Kim “better be gone and if he has issues he could go too because I was sick of dealing” with them. Despite hearing some crying, OP was unbothered and proceeded to look for her cat, who she had found after 20 minutes under some bushes. 

“When I arrived home they were both in the living room my fiancé said he wanted to talk but first he said I owed Kim an apology,” OP continued to recall. 

Later on, Kate, the eldest, reached out to OP and asked for her side. Kim revealed that OP’s fiancé and Kim planned to kick the cat out by having Kim’s boyfriend take the cat out on a road dump. However, the boyfriend didn’t have the guts, so Kim just kicked the cat out and ran it out of the yard. 

Kate even told OP that her sister planned revenge on the cat if she wouldn't move back to her house. OP then revealed that she listened to her friends and called off the wedding and engagement, and broke up with her fiancé.


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Redditors were in consensus that OP was in the right for kicking her entitled and entitled stepdaughter out of the house. Pet lovers also lauded OP’s efforts to give utmost care to her pet cat. 

“In all honesty I am not someone who likes pets. I’ve had them in the past. I’ve cared for them. Always making sure they were safe, fed, got proper care and such but I lack the ability to bond with them. And I support her kicking out the fiancé over this crap!!! I’m 100% in favor of the cat staying over the people in that house,” someone commented

“NTA. Replace them all with cats,” another simply suggested

Aside from the encouragement to get more cats and agreeing that it was the right decision to kick the fiancé and the daughter out of the house, many Redditors also pointed out that pregnancy hormones shouldn’t be a reason for bad behavior. 

“NTA. Pregnancy hormones do not cause you to be cruel to an elderly pet. That's just vicious entitlement and garden-variety meanness. You don't owe her an apology. She should be begging for your forgiveness, and so should your (ex) fiancé,” someone pointed out.

“NTA. She's a s***** person for kicking your cat out. Your fiance should be going too, the fact he's even telling you to apologize to her after kicking out your cat is gross. I just hope that you fully own the house. Forgot to add, pregnancy hormones aren't an excuse for abusing anything,” another agreed

One Redditor even told OP not to apologize as someone who abuses and has no empathy for animals has “other, larger, problems.” 

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What can you say about OP’s dilemma? Do you think she was in the wrong for kicking her pregnant stepdaughter and her own fiancé out of the house? What would you have done differently if you were in her position? Let us know, and pass this on to your family and friends. 

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