Woman Posts Strange Security Footage Of 'Ghost' Removing Dog's Collar

Oct 25, 2021 by apost team

Do you believe in ghosts? Several people on the internet certainly do after seeing a pretty convincing video of what appears to be a ghost in someone’s house. A woman who uses the name Shannyfantg on TikTok shared a video on Oct. 17, 2021, showing what she believes is a ghost removing her dog’s collar.

Many people believe in ghosts and believe that animals can sense when there is something dangerous or paranormal around them. With several videos of dogs barking at what appears to be nothing, sometimes it can be hard to distinguish what’s real and what’s not. However, the American Kennel Club explained that there is no real scientific evidence that dogs can in fact see ghosts. Still, it’s safe to say that their behavior is pretty unusual sometimes and can lead people’s minds to wander.

The TikTok user shared security footage taken in her home of her two dogs in their separate kennels. It seemed like they were barking at each other until they both suddenly went completely silent. Then, something weird happened — one of her dog’s collars came off of her neck. The cause behind it remains a mystery, but Shannyfantg and plenty of other TikTok users believe that it very well could have been a paranormal phenomenon. 

The TikTok video has since gone viral, leading to a debate in the comment section about what they believe may have been behind the strange occurrence. Read on to see what many people on the internet believe is a ghost taking a dog’s collar off.

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A woman on TikTok is convinced that there is a ghost in her house that took off her dog’s collar. She uploaded a video on Oct. 17, 2021, with the caption: “Sorry for the obnoxious barking at the beginning. Watch my black dog. Ghost takes her collar off in her crate.” The video shows her two dogs in their respective crates. At first, it seems like they are barking at each other until their barking suddenly comes to a screeching halt. Both dogs are on full alert.

The black dog appears to start whimpering and looks startled as she begins to back away into one corner of her cage. Suddenly, her collar falls off. The spooky video has gone on to receive more than 1.7 million views and more than 50,000 comments debating what could have been the reason behind the dog’s collar coming off. 

Shannyfantg and many other TikTok users are convinced that a ghost was behind it. One user commented, “I’ve never seen such a convincing ghost video.” Another user said, “They both got super quiet … they felt the energy.”

However, many people believe that there are explanations behind the dog’s collar falling off that don’t involve any kind of paranormal activity. One user explained, “Collar was stuck on crate, when the dog turns his head it unbuckled. The dog got startled at the collar unbuckling and jumped back.” Another person said, “The only thing that would make sense … is the collar was too tight, the dog turned its neck and made it snap off. Dog gets scared and jumps back.”


Humans have been telling ghost stories for hundreds of years. According to History.com, Pliny the Younger famously wrote an account of a ghost in the first century A.D. The writer and statesman wrote in a letter that he had seen an old, bearded man in chains haunting his house in Athens.

“The ghost slowly stalked along, as if encumbered with its chains; and having turned into the courtyard of the house, suddenly vanished,” Pliny wrote.

Another notable early ghost story takes us back to 856 A.D. in Germany when people reported mysterious disturbances at a farmhouse. Not only did the ghost frighten residents, but it also threw stones and started fires. This was, as History.com notes, the first-ever sighting of a poltergeist, “a ghost that causes physical disturbances.”

According to a 2009 Pew Research Center survey, 18% of Americans said they’ve seen a ghost. Moreover, 29% said that they had been in touch with the dead before.

Various publications from Scientific American to Smithsonian Magazine have proposed more logical explanations for these supernatural experiences. One remarkable explanation that has proved to be the culprit in the past is carbon monoxide poisoning. The gas, which is poisonous and can cause hallucinations, led a woman in the early 20th century to believe that there were ghosts in her house.

Other compelling explanations involve unusual electromagnetic fields that might explain why people feel a supernatural presence and something called the “fear frequency,” an “infrasound” that “can cause some strange sensations.”

However, none of these ideas seem to explain what Shannyfantg witnessed, especially since it’s all documented on video.

What do you think about this strange video? Do you believe a ghost took this dog’s collar off? Let us know, and be sure to pass this along to your family and friends to find out what they think, too.

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