Woman Performs 'Hey Jude' Beautifully While Tiny Puppy Enjoys Music

In a touching cover of The Beatles hit Hey Jude posted in 2019, YouTube sensation Malinda Herman plays guitar and sings while her tiny, music-loving chihuaha enjoys the music. Herman's choice to include her canine companion in this video makes the performance even more beautiful and uplifting.

Malinda Herman has garnered quite a following on the internet after she started posting YouTube covers of songs like How Deep Is Your Love, A Thousand Years and Hey Jude. In the videos, Herman takes the lead on guitar and vocals while her miniature chihuaha relaxes on the guitar's neck, seemingly lulled to sleep by Herman's voice. Together, this human-dog duo really seems to feel a sense of appreciation and togetherness, and it comes through in the music.


While Herman won't be on the next American Idol, her performance with her loving dog just goes to show that the beauty and love behind the music is almost more important than talent. That's not to say that her singing isn't good — it is! But together with that sweet dog, viewers can really tell that she puts her whole heart into the song.

One of the many signs of a good song is if it brings genuine emotion out of its audience. The chihuahua clearly senses his mother's talent, and we have to wonder if her performance is bringing to his mind happy memories they might share.

He doesn’t leave her side during the song, and we’re sure that if Melinda were to do an encore, he would sit still as he is now.

Hey, Jude is a favorite song for many people, but we think this video proves it touches creatures of all species. If it’s not the song, perhaps it’s the fact that mom is singing that makes it this chihuahua’s favorite.

Her vocals are worth a huge audience — but we’re sure she’s happy with the little one sitting on her lap. By the time the clip is finished, we are filled with joy that such close friendships can exist between humans and their dogs. Moreover, Herman's beautiful voice combined with the genuine emotion behind the music injects new life into a song that's been covered dozens (if not hundreds) of times. Suffice it to say that Herman's videos are a fantastic way to brighten anyone's day.

Have you ever played music with your pet? How did they respond? Let us know and pass this beautiful cover on to all the music and animal lovers you know.