Woman Motivated By Television Show Loses Half Of Her Body Weight

Diane Naylor, who is now 64, moved from Fresno, California to Oakhurst, California about five years ago.

She was so excited to explore her new area and her new home especially since California has such beautiful weather. However, she weighed 400 pounds and moving around was extremely difficult for her.

She was so depressed and miserable over her weight; she didn’t even want to go outside. Diane couldn’t do all the fun things she wanted to. Her weight was holding her back.

Diane has tried many different diets like many of us have. But none of them seemed to work for her. For anyone who has lost a lot of weight, they know that temporary solutions aren’t going to work in the long run. You need to focus on long-term changes.


Many people hit that moment in their lives when they see things have gone way too far. Hopefully, that moment comes when they feel motivated to change. This moment came for Diane while she was watching "Castle," her favorite crime series.

During the show, a medical examiner was encouraging the lead actress to follow her dreams. The medical examiner then pointed to the corpses and stated,

"All those people had dreams, but their time ran out, so don’t let that happen to you." Diane then stated in her interview on Today, “It was like a light bulb went off — I had a lot of dreams, too, and I wanted to accomplish them.”

This kicked Naylor into gear, and she started her journey towards a healthy lifestyle. She acknowledged her own mortality.

If you have been on a weightloss journey before or you have looked into weightloss, you probably already know Diane’s “secrets.”

Its not brain surgery or anything, but here are the most important factors in Diane’s transformation.

1) Don’t procrastinate.


Why start on Monday when you could start today? Don’t wait for the perfect time to start. Today is the day to start. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Now.

2) Find a supportive community.


Some people have a hard time finding the motivation to continue. It can be a rough journey and some people work best with support. Diane was able to join a local group that kept her accountable about 50 pounds into her journey. Their Monday meetings kept her in check over the weekend. If you don’t have a local group, start one yourself! You never know who else could need it as well.

3) Take it one day at a time.


Or even just one meal at a time. Don’t get down if you slip up. Move on and do better at your next meal.

Staying healthy is a day to day decision. You will still have temptations. Take it one choice at a time.

4) Accept new foods into your routine.


If you have always eaten junk food, you need to realize you are going to need to try new foods. You will be surprised at what you might enjoy! For Diane, she surprisingly really liked fish.

5) Get exercise in during the day, even if it’s just small changes.


This doesn’t mean you have to get a gym membership and spend hours there. Start by going for a short walk. Increase your distances. Go dancing. Go bike riding. Anything will do!

6) Don’t count on diets.

istockphoto.com/Alina Indienko

Diets are a temporary fix. The weightloss from diets are usually temporary. Don’t torture yourself just to end up where you were before. Everyone is different and there are different things that work for different people. But there are clear options that work for most people, such as drinking more water, eating less calories, and eating more fruits and vegetables.

Don’t make it harder than it needs to be!

7) Don’t give up!


Many people don’t lose weight because they give up. From the beginning, its going to be difficult to change your lifestyle especially if you don’t get results right away. You have to keep working. 

Live your life without food at the center. Don’t obsess.

The scale might take a few weeks to move. But in the mean time, you will be losing inches. Your body will change even if the scale doesn’t.

Once Diane decided to make a change, she was on her way to losing 225 pounds. She can now travel and enjoy the new city she lives in without having her weight hold her back.

She said she felt like being overweight held her back from a lot. She became a hermit. She didn’t go to family functions or even go out much at all. She was ashamed of her weight. That has all changed now.

Watch her story in the video below:

Its never too late to change your life. She was 59 years old when she began her journey. You can start yours right now! Why wait? Show this story to your friends who would like some motivation.

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