Woman Makes ‘Needy Pet’ Desk Chair That Allows Clingy Pets To Sit With Their Owners

Apr 28, 2021 by apost team

A woman created a desk chair for her dog to use while at work during March 2021 at her home office. Simone Giertz was frequently joined by her dog, Scraps, while she was working. Rather than continue letting Scraps sit on top of her desk, Giertz had an idea to create something to allow Scraps to still sit with her while not obstructing any of the things she needed to use.

For a lot of pet owners, getting to spend quality time with their animals is something that is cherished. Your furry friend can quickly become a longtime companion. With plenty of people working from home nowadays, it’s no surprise that some pets have decided to join their owners in their home office spaces. Although they are cute to look at and fun to play with, it’s still important to have a home and work life balance, and that includes spending time with your pet.

Giertz took this idea to the next level. She wanted to find some kind of chair for her pet to sit at while she worked, but couldn’t seem to find the right kind to meet her dog’s needs and constant neediness. Instead, Giertz took matters into her own hands and hand-crafted a chair for her dog to sit at with her. Scraps has a few physical needs, though, meaning Giertz had her work cut out for her when she set out on designing the perfect spot for her tiny dog to sit on.

The Special Project For Scraps

Giertz uploaded a video of her escapade of building and constructing the perfect chair for her furry friend. The video began with the dog already being excited, and that was when she was just getting measured, so Giertz knew how big to make the seating arrangement. Giertz used her measurements to work on creating a chair that would fit all of the Scraps’ needs and her adorable neediness.

Scraps is only one-year-old and still requires a lot of attention. Luckily, Giertz’s design was suited for both herself and her dog. Something she had to keep in mind was figuring out how to make sure Scraps would be able to get into and out of the chair easily, since the small dog only has three legs. Giertz wanted to design something that had stairs along the side of the chair so Scraps would be able to join her at the desk whenever she wanted. She also wanted to make sure that Scraps could feel independent and get up and down the stairs easily and on her own.

A few different versions of the invention were created, as Giertz went through a handful of prototypes to create the perfect seat for herself and her companion. Scraps made sure to check out each version throughout the process. The stairs seemed to be the biggest issue Giertz faced on her mission to create the best possible chair, as she tried to figure out just how wide or narrow to make the stairs and went through different phases of railings alongside the stairs.


The Final Product

Giertz’s YouTube account was created in March 2013, where she has labeled herself as a maker, robotics enthusiast and non-engineer. The video showcasing the newly designed seating arrangement was uploaded March 30, 2021, and has received quite an impressive amount of positive feedback. The caption of the video described stated: “My dog would really prefer it if I turned myself into a dog bed. Since I’m not too keen on that project, I built her a chair instead.”

As Giertz got closer to finalizing the product, her creativity soared. She built it out of wood, sanding it down to a smooth finish. It also had stairs with a railing along the side. Once the construction was completed, it was time to deck the chair out with some fabric to make it feel more comfortable and look more presentable. Giertz opted for a seafoam green paint job to color the wood with, as well as a bright red fabric to be sewn around the actual seat cushion of the chair.

Once everything was painted or had fabric professionally wrapped around it, it was time to add some finishing touches. Giertz added some tiny artwork showcasing dogs to the side of the desk chair, giving the homemade piece even more of her personal flair. The final product was neat and sophisticated-looking, while still being practical and playful. It had a foot ledge for Giertz to rest her feet on while she worked, and a nook by the foot rest for Scraps to sit in and look out.

Giertz managed to create a product helpful to both her and her dog. She hand-crafted a chair for herself to sit on while she was working from her home office, that also allowed her three-legged furry friend to easily join her.

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