Woman Has Breathtaking Transformation After Cutting Off Her Long Locks

Oct 06, 2020 by apost team

Christopher Hopkins, also known as the Makeover guy, has had his fair share of dramatic makeovers. However, no matter how many times he goes through it, he still gets surprised once in a while.

That’s what happened when one woman walked in with the longest hair he had ever seen, reaching even below her waist! 

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Hopkins and his assistant are clearly astonished by the woman’s incredibly long locks and immediately ask her how short she would like it cut, obviously knowing how many people become emotionally attached to their hair. 

The immediately get to work by braiding the bottom half of her hair to make chopping it off less laborious. Oh, did we mentions it took both of them to successfully braid all that hair?


When the hairdresser chops off the braid, both women are heard shouting in excitement. 

“Look at that, oh my god!” the lady says, as she is handed the now-chopped braid. 

After their done fixing up her hair, she moved on to the makeup station. 

When her new look is revealed, she looks absolutely stunning. Hopkins cut her hair into a stylish medium cut, dyed a shade of light brown. 

“I feel light and airy,” the woman says ecstatically. 

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