Woman Grows Out Her Gray In Style Thanks To Makeover

Sep 25, 2020 by apost team

All of us start graying at some point, but most of us want to fight it. Going gray isn't a lot of people's choice, but Pam from Saint Paul, Minnesota had a different idea. She came to Christopher a.k.a The Makeover Guy's salon to embrace her gray hair and to highlight her gray hair instead of coloring it. Since it takes a while for gray hair to grow out naturally, Christopher hears what she wants and gives her a new look that she absolutely loves. 

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When Pam from St. Paul, Minnesota stepped into the salon, she had one goal in mind: I want to try gray. She explains to Christopher Hopkins a.k.a The Makeover Guy that coloring hasn't been sticking to her gray hair and that she wants to try having all gray-hair instead. 

However, Christopher explains to her that coloring hair gray would not be possible, but gives her two options: to cut away all her colored hair until the roots where her hair is naturally gray and grow it out, or to bleach her hair to the lightest possible color along with a shorter cut to help the process of going naturally gray. Of course, the best option was the latter. 


Her main desire was that she did not want to look "anachronistic", but also didn't want to resign to being a "little old lady". Essentially, she wants to embrace that she is getting older but does not want to look aged. Pam also wanted a look at compliments her casual outfits while also giving her an outlet of expression for her more innovative side since she is an artist. 

Christopher has a gift of knowing exactly what a person wants from a transformation and making sure they get it, even if the final look isn't something the person had expected when they first came in.

Christopher also has an excellent team that helps him bring out the best transformations in people. First, Pam's hair gets a lightening treatment which will bring back her natural color while also helping her transition better into a gray look as it grows out. Moreover, her hair is cut shorter and styled differently. 

Christopher then explains to her that her normal styling can be changed up a bit and her parting moved to one side. This gives her hair better volume at the crown while also highlights her gray roots, and it certainly helps that it makes her look fantastic! Another member of Christopher's team also brings out her features with some makeup and lip color.

When her final look is revealed, the first question she is asked is, "Did you know you had this much of a curl?", and it is clear that she didn't know that her hair could curl so well. Turns out, Pam has been a naturally curly girl all her life! She explains that her daughter has super curly hair and has been embracing her natural locks, but now she knows where her daughter gets those curls from.

Pam looks incredibly happy with her transformation. She says, "This was what I really wanted but didn't know." Once again, Christopher's amazing sense of knowing exactly what people want and bringing out the best of who they are has helped him make another client super excited about her transformation!

You can see Pam's beautiful curls and new look in the video below:

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