Woman Gives Birth To ‘Miracle’ Triplets After Two Devastating Miscarriages

Sep 23, 2021 by apost team

A family from Isleworth, London has been blessed with a healthy set of triplets after the mother had previously suffered two miscarriages. Ryan and Natasha O’Grady welcomed their three daughters Onyx, Maddox and Quinn to the world in May 2021 at 33 weeks. However, Natasha and Ryan’s journey to parenthood began years earlier. 

In January 2019, Natasha found out she was pregnant for the first time. She and Ryan were elated, as they had always wanted to be parents. Tragically, she soon experienced bleeding and one of the early scans found that there was no heartbeat. The couple was devastated but still wanted to keep trying to be parents. 

In March 2020, Natasha discovered that she was pregnant again. Things were okay at first, and she was remaining positive, but one day she collapsed at home as her body went into shock from rejecting the pregnancy. She required an emergency operation as she began to bleed profusely. This loss hit Natasha hard and she leaned on a charity called Crossway that is based in Twickenham, London. They offered her around-the-clock support and regular therapy sessions.

When the couple found out they were pregnant a third time, they were understandably cautious about celebrating. Natasha said she remembers feeling like this gift could be taken away from her at any moment. When they found out they were having three babies, Ryan and Natasha were shocked. But after their three daughters were born healthy and happy, the couple finally rejoiced. Keep reading to learn more about this family’s journey.

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All three of the babies were born safely, and Natasha said, “It was like we were given back all of our babies.” However, little Onyx had a low birth weight and needed to spend some time in the NICU. 

After the baby girl was reunited with her family, Natasha shared in an Instagram post: “Yesterday our dreams FINALLY came true. It’s been 9 LONG days since our Cubs arrived Earthside & I cannot actually put into words how difficult it’s been being all split up & yet to be together.”

The post continued, “The guilt we’ve felt having to leave Onyx behind every night in an empty room full of machines, wires, unfamiliar faces has been something that’ll probably take quite some time to get over. Settling back in our hospital room with Maddox & Quinn, knowing there was one piece of our family puzzle left behind.” 

Natasha explained, “Onyx was being kept in special care due to her low birth weight, but the hospital team has been so impressed by the Cubs progress & how we have been dealing with things that yesterday that knock on the door FINALLY happened & in came our beautiful baby girl.”

The mother said that the experience of being separated from her daughter was one of the hardest things she had ever had to deal with. Grateful for all of the support she received, Natasha added, “I have SO MUCH love & admiration for my fellow NICU & special care families who have to face these hurdles too. One day, hopefully soon I’ll be stepping foot back into our happy jungle home with our little tribe to start the most exciting chapter yet.”


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