Woman Gives Birth To ‘Miracle Baby’ Despite Husband’s Vasectomy — Months Later, She Got Pregnant Again

Jan 24, 2024 by apost team

When a man gets a vasectomy, most of the time, he and his partner will not be able to conceive a child anymore. However, one woman online said she was able to bear a baby regardless of the procedure her husband did years ago.

A woman named Jenny Doman shared her journey on social media, where she claimed that she got pregnant even though her life partner underwent a procedure for birth control.

When a user asked her if she got her “tubes tied” before, she revealed that she hadn’t, but her husband “did have a little snip snip” 16 years prior.

Doman and her family considered her child “the miracle baby.”

Based on the videos shared on her Instagram account, Doman gave birth to a baby boy in 2021, but in an unfortunate situation, the young infant’s stats “started to drop” when they were about to be released from the hospital. His situation had led him to stay in the NICU.

“He was early and is so tiny, he did so good while they were running tests,” the mom wrote in a clip.

Days later, she gave an update and revealed that the baby was still in the NICU, underwent an echo, x-rays, and was on oxygen.

It appears that Doman’s baby finally made it out of the hospital as she shared a video of him at home the month after, where he dressed up as Baby Yoda.

According to Healthline, it is still possible to get a woman pregnant after a man gets a vasectomy, but it is very rare. In a survey done in 2004, there was only one pregnancy in every 1,000 vasectomies, which made the birth control procedure 99.9% effective.

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Just a few months after she gave birth to her little bundle of joy in 2021, Doman shared another video of herself in August 2022 holding the baby who once stayed at the NICU.

However, in the clip, the woman appeared to be pregnant with another child again.

In the video text, she wrote, “How much sleep I get with a 9 month old and pregnant…” then lip synced to an audio that said: “I got a full 40 minutes.”

In June 2023, Doman appeared to have already given birth to her second child, a girl. She shared a compilation of pictures showing her and her family spending a lovely day at church to have their youngest child blessed.

“We finally got to bless baby June yesterday. It was such a beautiful day and I’m so grateful for everyone that came and shared it with us,” she wrote in the caption.

Doman received lots of positive comments from other online users who supported her throughout her journey.

“Beautiful!! I hope the day was special. I know it’s been a struggle leading up to this!! Y’all have touched the hearts of so many. June has impacted more lives in her tiny life so far, than most will influence in their lifetime! She’s such a beautiful baby!” one commented.

“U are amazing ! You fought so hard to bring your family into the world. Your lives are joyful and will continue to be amazing !” another one wrote.

“Blessings to June, and all of you! Her community of support and spreads across the country, and we adore her!” one wrote


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