Woman Gets Dog Hairs Out Of Carpet Easily Using A Pumice Stone

Jul 03, 2019 by apost team

If you have a dog or other furry pets, then you know how much animal hair can get everywhere. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how hard you try to get the hair out of the carpet. Even the most expensive vacuums won’t always pick up all of the hair that gets buried deep down in your carpets.

However, a mom just shared her own simple trick for removing dog hair from the carpet. In just seconds, she was able to gather a whole lot of dog hair using a simple tool—a cheap pumice stone.

This animal lover decided to share her secret to a Facebook group known as “Mrs. Hinch’s Cleaning Tips.” The video shows her using a pumice stone, which can generally be purchased from most retail stores for just a couple of bucks, to clear away the animal fur from her carpet.


The video shows how she uses the stone to simply brush the dog hair out of her carpet. When she does, the stone gathers up all of the small white dog hairs into one place. They are now much easier to remove.

The animal lover talked about how a young lady told her about the tip as they were waiting to get their windshields tinted. She showed her the trick and then gave her the pumice stone to take home with her. It dramatically affected her by making it so much easier to get all of those hairs out of the carpet, and so she posted, "My life is now changed."

The video has over 115,000 reactions and over 100,000 comments ever since it was posted. Grateful readers were thrilled to learn of a new way to clean their carpets. One member said, "OMG this has just made my day,” while another chimed in, “I need to try this on my stair carpet as I have a cat and he’s always lying on it. Thanks for the tip.” A third person commented that it looks very straightforward and effortless. 

Others came forward with different suggestions concerning dog hair in the carpets. One person said that a rubber broom will work well for dog hair, while another commenter said to use damp rubber gloves to gather hair from the carpet.

Have you tried using a pumice stone for pesky dog hair? Do you have any other suggestions? Feel free to drop a comment below and then pass this along to others!