Woman Furiously Reminds Boyfriend She Earns Double His Salary After He Pokes Fun At Her

May 13, 2022 by apost team

The Reddit subthread AITA can always be counted on for details of unbelievable relationship drama. There are recountings of near-cinematic breakups in full view of the public, spousal conflicts that’ll make you happy to stay single forever, and posts that make you question, “why are men?” 

In a recent AITA post, one Redditor, who goes by TemporaryTree8673, wrote about a disagreement she’d had with her partner over dinner that worried her. OP explained that the two were quite serious. She said, "we've been together for 2 years, living together for 1." So, it seemed there was something worth salvaging between them. However, what OP wrote next didn’t endear the boyfriend to readers. 

She told Reddit that "when we were on our first date he asked if I pursued a higher education after high school, which I didn't." She explained her situation- which is an entirely common one- to him, saying, "I failed high school." When she revealed this, her then-date-now-boyfriend "couldn't believe it. He was a high achiever and couldn't possibly understand how somebody could fail high school." Despite this impression of her, somehow the two ended up dating and moved in together. 

While it seemed OP’s lack of a college degree didn’t stop them from becoming a couple, the boyfriend still made a point of belittling his chosen partner for her education or lackthereof. This treatment came to a head one night while they were sharing a meal with friends. The events and comments that OP goes on to outline had commenters chanting, “dump him.”

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The fight in question happened at a a get-together that OP had with her partner and their friends. In her retelling, she questioned whether or not she “ruined” this evening. However, the treatment she had been receiving from her boyfriend makes her reaction seem entirely warranted. The boyfriend had joked, throughout their relationship, about his partner's lack of a high school diploma. OP reported that he found "it amusing to tease [her] about it" however, she reassured readers, saying "truthfully it [didn't] bother [her.]"

She explained, "I have a good job and I've done great things despite not having a traditional education. At the very worst it's a little annoying but I refuse to lose sleep over it." OP seems more than capable of handling a little ribbing; however, her boyfriend doesn't seem to be able to take what he can dish. A dish he was served at the fateful dinner.

In her post, OP recounted how one night the couple "had friends over and the conversation turned towards high school and what subjects we did. [OP] listed off what [she] studied in [her] final year and [her boyfriend] began to laugh, saying that it didn't matter because [she] failed anyway."

OP excused his behavior, saying "he'd had too much to drink." However, she admitted that then "he took it a little far and started poking fun at how only idiots fail high school." OP, who usually seems to be a good sport about her boyfriend's jokes, "tried to play it off but the alcohol got the better of [her.]" 


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She conceded that then she "snapped, responding,'That's why I earn $48 per hour and you earn $26, right? Because you did so well in high school and that set you up for success?'" Was this too much? According to the boyfriend and one of his friends, in saying this, OP had “ruined the night.” However, “a couple of [her] friends said he had it coming.” Unsure what the consensus was, OP turned to Reddit for reassurance, asking “AITA for rubbing it in my boyfriend’s face how much I make in front of our friends?”

One commenter quoted Chicago, writing, "He had it coming. He only had himself to blame. If you had been there, If you had SEEN IT. Then you would have done the SAME!"

Another questioned the boyfriend's ability to even get past the first date given his demeaning comments and overall reaction to her education. They then reminded OP of the "old quote" about equal and opposite actions and reactions, stating, "play stupid games, win stupid prizes."

A third Redditor showed solidarity with OP. Having had a similar experience in high school, she wrote, "NTA, 100% this OP. My husband went to an expensive college while I only ever got my GED. He has never once in the 7yrs of marriage or while dating made a negative comment about my lack of education. Your partner shouldn't ever degrade you. You should definitely find someone that values you."

According to the audience of the internet, OP is definitely "NTA" and potentially, hopefully soon to be single.  

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