Woman Finds Mysterious Suitcase At Her New Home And Upon Opening It, People Tell Her To ‘Sell The House’

Jan 19, 2024 by apost team

Imagine moving into a new house, and you have already explored every single corner of the property because you had already checked it prior, but one day, you discovered something that you hadn’t seen before: a secret door, and behind it, a mysterious suitcase just lying around.

This is what happened to a new homeowner who shared her experience on TikTok. In a video posted on the social media platform in January 2024, the woman revealed that she just moved into a 1960s home, and she gave a tour of one of the rooms.

The woman said she already had plans to “modernize” the property to give it a fresh new look.

Later on, she revealed that there was a hidden storage room behind a secret door, and within those walls was a crawlspace. She shone a light into the dark abyss, and there was a silver suitcase that appeared to be left behind.

In a follow-up video, she explored more of the house and found another secret storage space leading to another secret door.

In a final update, she and a companion were able to gain access to the mysterious suitcase, and they took it out of the dark place it had languished in.

Upon opening it, to their surprise, there was another suitcase inside, and when they finally opened it, they were shocked to see a “strange doll” inside wearing a pink dress and brown hair.

“It’s a little bit weird especially because it was strapped in, I don’t really know how to feel about that,” she said, then added that her dog was not impressed with it either.

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Online users flocked to the comment section to express their amusement, but at the same time, there were also some who were scared about the woman’s discovery.

“Seriously u need to find the lady that collects haunted dolls, that was in the cases for a reason,” one commented

“Na they locked it in there for a reason 😭😭 we only just got into 2024 pleaseeeee put it back 😭,” one user wrote at the time.

Another user advised the owner to sell the property after they discovered the doll, as they wrote, “Sell the house.. that was double protected for a reason 😫😂😂😂.”

“Could be a haunted or cursed doll and that’s why it’s locked away,” one wrote.

“The doll being in two suitcases has me thinking it could be haunted and they were tying to keep it locked away?? Or have I just watched too many films 😂” another one wrote.

One user decided to “check in” with the owner of the home and asked her if she was doing alright after she found the doll, then she replied with an update: “I appreciate the welfare check thank you😂 I am all good I’ve put the doll back where I found it and all seems to be well🙏🏻”

Not everyone was pleased with the video, as some of them pointed out that it might’ve been staged. One commenter wrote: “the thing I noticed is a silver suitcase that’s been in a crawl space with absolutely no dust on it.....hmmmm”

Another one agreed and then replied: “not to mention the first shot of it, it seems closer to the opening then the next cut it’s pushed further back lol.”


What would you do if you made the same discovery as what the woman found in your home? Would you give the doll away or keep it for yourself? Let us know your thoughts, and make sure to pass this on to your friends and family.

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