Woman Finds Lonely Dog In The Woods And Then Makes A Surprising Discovery

Aug 18, 2017 by apost team

Kathy Wilkes-Meyers found a dog wandering around the woods by herself, starving, covered in fleas and emaciated. She knew she had to help so she took her home with her and gave her food and water, nursing her back to health. After a few days, Kathy realised that this was notthe type of dog you usually find abandoned. She was loving and friendly - the type of dog who had a family. So Kathy took it upon herself to start investigating. She went down to the highway near where she found the dog and started looking around for clues. She eventually found a pile of strange things - toothbrushes, a comb, some pieces of paper and other personal artifacts. 


By digging a little deeper, Kathy found an insurance company listed on the notepad and gave them a call. The story which unfolds is one of tragedy, loyalty, love and a beautiful reunion. Watch the video below for the full, incredible, story. 

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