Woman Finds ‘Happily Ever After’ With Man Whose Photos Were Used To Catfish Her

Jan 27, 2023 by apost team

Online dating has become more prevalent in the last decade. With more and more dating applications and websites coming out all the time, it can be hard to know how to get started. One important thing to remember while venturing into this process is that the internet can be a deceptive place, and not everyone is as honest as they seem.

In 2016, one woman living in London, Emma Perrier, met a man through an online dating website, and she fell in love with him. What Perrier did not realize was that her online boyfriend, Ronnie, was not real, and she was being catfished by a man named Alan Stanley. Catfishing is a term used to describe the action of pretending to be someone else online, usually for the purpose of dating. Stanley used the photo of a Turkish model named Adem Guzel and lied about his age, claiming to be younger than his actual age, which was 53 at the time. 

Perrier discovered the truth after she became suspicious of the fact that “Ronnie” never wanted to video chat or meet up in person. After six months of dating online and never seeing one another, Perrier decided to download the reverse image search application so she could see if she was being duped. Unfortunately, the image search revealed that she had been lied to. 

The woman was furious and decided to contact Guzel to let him know that his photos were being used to catfish people online. Perrier was able to get his email address, and after reading her message, Guzel was equally as furious. However, this connection led to an unexpected love story between Perrier and Guzel. Read on to learn more about this incredible story.

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Catfishing has become prevalent since online dating has gained more popularity. In an interview with the Atlantic in 2017, Perrier shared what led her to be so trusting with a man she had never met. “I’m a romantic, I love to love,” she said. “And I want to be loved too.”

When Perrier first saw the photos of “Ronnie,” she was shocked by how handsome he was and that he would be interested in her. “I’m very natural,” she explained. “I mean, I’m nothing. I’m very simple, you know ... so I was flattered.”

When confronted about why he chose to catfish Perrier, Stanley responded, “I was in a pretty lonely place,” he said. “I wasn’t feeling the most attractive of people, I might say. You know, I always struggled with self-confidence and ... I was going through a messy separation and I was just feeling like I needed somebody to talk to.”

He continued, “Catfishing is prevalent across the internet,” he said. “Everybody does catfishing.”

When Perrier found out the truth, she was furious, but she maintained a level head. However, it was not lost on her that this action was incredibly damaging. “I’m 34 at the time, but maybe another girl, when she finds out, she could maybe go too far…” Perrier said about getting catfished.

Perrier contacted Guzel, saying:

“Hello Adem, we don’t know each other but a year ago I met a guy online and that man is using your picture and pretends he is you under another name. I wasn’t sure if getting in touch with you was a good idea but I needed you to know, kind regards, Emma.”

The pair connected and fell in love. Perrier said, “My catfish became cupid. And now we’re living happily ever after.”


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