Woman Finds Autistic Teen Stocking Juice Instead Of Clerk And Writes Message To The Boss On Facebook

Aug 07, 2018 by apost team

Jack is a 17-year-old who is on the autism spectrum. He and his father, Sid Edwards, went shopping one day at Rouses Market, located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Since Jack is autistic, grocery shopping is often a frustrating time. Even just this simple errand can cause onlookers to judge, making the trip harder on everyone. Jack loves having something cold to drink and he even loves the coolers that are found in the grocery stores.

As they walked through the store, Jack caught sight of one of the clerks stocking the orange juice bottles in the refrigerated aisle. He was so intrigued that he ran right over to pay closer attention to the stock boy.

Jordan Taylor was the 20-year-old employee who Jack was so captivated with. He immediately noticed how fascinated Jack was with what he was doing. Something so simple to most of us took all of Jack’s attention! He then overheard the younger teen say that he wished he was able to do what he was doing. Jordan could have easily ignored the remark and brushed Jack off while he worked. But that isn’t at all what he did-not by a long shot. For the next half an hour, Jordan entertained Jack in a way most strangers wouldn’t ever bother to do. He let Jack stock the shelves of the cooler.

For most people, this wouldn’t seem like a major thing. But for Sid, it was amazing. He stated that he felt like he was “watching a miracle” right before his eyes. Sid made sure to record the encounter. When they got home he showed it to the rest of his family. Delaney, Jack’s sister, decided that this was a video the whole world needed to see. 


She posted it to Facebook, making sure that she tagged Rouses Market in the post. She wanted to make sure that the managers of the store saw just what type of employee they had working for them! Are you ready to watch this wonderful video? Check it out below!

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