Woman Films Sweet Moment Rescue Dog Learns To Trust Human Touch

When a life of neglect and abuse at the hands of a human is all a dog has ever known, it’s difficult for them to overcome that kind of trauma. Much like humans, dogs are psychologically damaged by abuse from someone they depended on and trusted.

But what makes dogs so amazing is their desire for companionship and love, which this rescue pup starts to warm up to after a few days at his new temporary home.


There is clear fear in this dog’s eyes, but Bernard, a recent rescue that was brought to Dogs Deserve Better Good Newz Rehab Center in Smithfield, VA, is curious about his new caretakers. Bernard had a rough start to his life, having lived in dirty and harsh conditions throughout the seasons with little attention and care.

Suddenly he was being shuffled around to the vet and being poked and prodded, unable to understand what’s happening. After undergoing check-ups and receiving a much-needed bath, Bernard was checked-in to the rehab center where he refused to leave the safety and comfort of his crate.

Instead of dragging Bernard out, they opened the top so he could leave if he pleased. He immediately jumped out and ran behind another crate. Bernard cowered when a human approached him, and moved away when anyone tried to touch him. The staff definitely had their work cut out for them.

After some time, Bernard eventually allowed a caretaker to stroke his neck and face. Realizing how gentle and calm the person was being, the cute pooch started moving his face towards the hand of the caretaker every time she would stop petting to signal that he wanted more.

Once progress was being made, the caretakers started recording to capture this precious moment on film. You can see in Bernard’s eyes that he wants to trust and love humans, it’s just going to take some time to get there.

You can see this touching moment below!

Her calm voice and gentle touch are definitely working wonders for this poor abused pup, and we hope he’ll one day be able to trust humans again and find his forever home.

Make sure you pass this video on to the dog lovers you know and remind your pets you love them by showing them some love!