Woman Discovers Starving, Emaciated Dog Wandering Roadside with Injured Leg

Recently, a woman discovered a dog with a damaged leg, wandering by the road. Not only was the dog’s leg severely hurt, but the poor creature was also hungry and extremely emaciated in Romania. Lovingly named Vlad, he has transformed from ‘on death’s bed’ to loved and strong. He even became a world traveler, as he went from Romania to Arizona to go to his new forever home.

This dog was found by a group of brave, animal crusaders with an organization named Howl of A Dog within Romania. They are nonprofit but yet succeed in their endeavors by helping dogs that have been abandoned to find permanent homes. These animals are healed and recovered and saved from living a rough, and usually deadly, street life.

When Vlad was discovered, the team knew that the dog’s situation was intensely terrible. He was dangerously thin and very injured. As the team attempted to reach him, the dog tried to hide in the bushes.


The creature seemed quite desperate and at some point, he realized that the efforts of these strangers might be benevolent and kind. After the dog was gently coaxed, he limped away from the bushes and placed all the weight on his three undamaged legs. He was so hungry, that he attempted to ingest a box of tissues in the car.

After the vet checked him out, it was discovered that his leg was indeed broken. The leg break was about seven days old. Luckily, the veterinarian was able to conduct surgery to keep the dog’s bones in place.

Even though the procedure was very long and complicated, Vlad was brave. He recovered extremely well. Vlad’s pain was controlled, and he found humans who promised to live with him for the rest of his life. Vlad traveled many, many miles from Romania to Austria, and then from Austria to Los Angeles, and finally to Phoenix. The happy dog had a smile on his face throughout the trip. Stories like this encourage one to stop by the local animal shelter to check out what kind of stories exist there, and what kind of help is needed.

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