Woman Discovers Injured 55-Pound-Dog On Mountain, Carries Him 6 Hours On Her Back To Save Him

Sensing others in danger can cause many people to perform miracles. You have probably heard of people lifting up trucks to save a person trapped under them. Maybe it was a story of a person running into a burning home to rescue three children and coming out unharmed. In this story, it is a single mom who carried a dog for six hours on her back in order to save him.

Tia is the miracle worker in this particular story. It all happened when she found an injured 55-pound dog while she was hiking up the mountainside with her 76-year-old father one beautiful day. She told Pickler and Ben what happened next.

The two were hiking along when they noticed an injured and abandoned dog. Another family was with the dog, but they were unable to help him. Tia and her father were about a third of their way through the hike, but Tia was not going to leave the animal to die. The poor dog wasn’t moving well due to the injuries he had suffered, and Tia knew that there was no way he would make it back down the mountain on his own.


That is when she decided to pick the dog up and carry him on her shoulders. She carried him down the mountain this way for six hours. Tia said that the springer spaniel was “pretty beat up.” She thinks he could have been on the mountainside for days or even a week.

Tia told Pickler and Ben that the journey wasn’t easy at all. They had to hike through the snow, and they even lost the trail at one point. She said it was definitely one of the hardest things she has ever had to do.

She traveled down the mountain for six miles, which took her six hours with the dog on her back. However, she knows it was worth it. She ultimately saved the life of the springer spaniel.

The dog was given emergency treatment once Tia was able to get him off of the mountainside. Boomer, as he is now known, is mending well. Tia is now going well out of her way to help him, driving four hours away to see a specialist veterinarian. We are so glad Boomer and Tia met on that mountainside!

You can hear more about this incredible story in the video below:

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