Woman Criticized For Going Against Tradition By Donning Pink Dress For Her Wedding

Mar 24, 2023 by apost team

When someone hears the word wedding, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a woman wearing a white dress. That’s why there is an unwritten rule that women attendees – including relatives and guests – should opt for a dress that does not look like a wedding dress. Yes, and that includes a white dress. After all, no one wants to see a person stealing the spotlight from the bride. 

But have you ever heard of a bride going for a colorful dress instead of the traditional white dress? While it may seem unconventional, it’s important to remember that the bride always has the option of donning whatever she likes to wear for her wedding. One woman, for one, decided to go for a pink dress for her wedding. Unfortunately, she received a lot of mean comments from a lot of people on the internet. Then again, she didn’t let those negative words ruin her wedding day.
In November 2022, a woman named Camille Lescai took to TikTok to share a video of her doing a reveal of her wedding dress which she kept a secret from her relatives and friends until her wedding day.
After the women in her life saw her pink wedding dress, their jaws instantly dropped. They also appeared to be excited for her. For Lescai, she knew it was “worth the wait.”
Lescai chose a pink dress for her wedding because she said the said color is part of her personality. When she found on Instagram a pink dress made by an Australian designer, she immediately fell in love with it. So, she bought a customized version worth $4,400.

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Lescai still stood out on her wedding day as all the ladies wore white dresses while the gentlemen wore black suits.

“The whole wedding wore white! I didn’t tell anyone why, they figured it out when I appeared at the top of the aisle,” one person said.

“I'm not a particularly traditional person, so while I understand why people want to go for a more traditional wedding look, I don't think I would have felt like myself wearing anything else,” she said in an interview with Insider.

“I subverted the norm by asking the rest of the bridal party and my guests to wear white and my wedding day was phenomenal — I had the best day and loved my dress,” she added.

Some people praised her for pulling off a unique concept, saying the dress “looked beautiful.” Meanwhile, a lot of women also came to her defense. 

“Don’t listen to these haters. They just can’t stand the uniqueness. You looked absolutely amazing,” one person wrote.

“The negative comments are sending me … you look stunning. Everyone has their own vision for their own wedding,” another person said.

Lescai admitted that she felt bothered knowing there was a possibility that the negative comments could create hate for other women who wish to pursue having a unique wedding dress like hers in the future.

“It's not just attacking me, but all the people who are watching from the sidelines. A lot of young women who commented on my video told me that when they get married they want a dress like mine, and I couldn't help but think of what reading the comments would make them feel,” she said.


But Lescai didn’t hold back after someone called her dress “old fashioned toilet roll covers.” So, she did another video to address it.

In another video, she read some of the comments about her dress, including those who said it looked “awful” and that it was the “ugliest.” Some even called her “hideous” and a “jiggly puff.”

“Being anonymous makes people think they can skulk in the shadows, write nasty things to tear people down, and then just disappear, but sunlight can be the best disinfectant,” she said

Lescai earned praise for showing boldness to be different. “Love the fact that you were bold enough to be different! The world needs more of you,” one person said.

She then made a hilarious response by referencing an over-the-counter medicine for those with upset stomach and diarrhea, saying: “Takes a bold type to go their wedding dresses as pepto bismal dry rub.”

She also gave a piece of advice to other people who might be getting the same hate she received. 

“My advice to anyone experiencing online hate is to try not to take it to heart and to know that the people who are in your life will love you no matter what is said online, and those are the opinions that matter,” she remarked.

Responding to a person who told her who want to wear a pink wedding dress to her wedding, she said: “Go for it! For me, I was all about secrecy but I feel like pink wedding dresses are the new frontier!”

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