Woman Creates Bed Out Of Drawers To Give Herself More Room — Results Look Amazing

Sep 14, 2021 by apost team

Living in a studio apartment can be extremely challenging and incredibly limiting, especially when it comes to the amount of space you have. People really need to think about what belongings they truly need and what they can do to make the most of their small space. Something every person can agree with is that sleeping on a bed is a priority. But what can you do if your room is too small to fit a bed that is big and comfortable enough to really enjoy a good night’s sleep? A woman has come up with the perfect solution.

Whitley Spinnler is a personal trainer that lives in a small studio apartment. Her space is very limited, so she knew she needed to come up with a clever idea to make the most out of her room. She decided to buy four different drawers and assemble them to make a square that ended up being the perfect size for her mattress to lay on top. Not only was she able to fit a pretty good-sized bed in her small studio apartment, but she also found a creative way to include a ton of storage containers. Not only that, but the end result looked absolutely amazing. 

Spinnler ended up sharing her stunning creation on her Instagram account to give other people a great idea about how to fit as much furniture and storage as possible in their living space. Read on to find out more about how this personal trainer found the best way to utilize her small space.

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Using some smart-thinking and creativity, Spinnler came up with a great solution to figuring out how to get her bed and plenty of storage containers to fit in her small studio apartment. According to her Instagram post, she built her bed using IKEA drawers and kallax units. After purchasing all of the units, Spinnler got to work building all four and putting them together to make a square formation. The inside was left empty with enough space for Spinnler to also use as a hidden storage.

In her post, the personal trainer explained that she used a piece of wood to make the kallax on either side even since it was a bit shorter than the drawers she purchased. She also explained that she uses this bed as a means to store as much stuff as possible since she doesn’t have any other way to store her belongings. “I just have this room and that’s it,” she said.

Spinnler is able to open the drawers and use her bed as normal without having to do too much maneuvering. In order to get full use of her cleverly built unit, Spinnler explained how she used each and every piece. “I flip the mattress and in the middle I put stuff and in the KALLAX I put stuff and it’s super handy and nice to have this kind of storage,” she said. “No furniture is wasted and the bed lasts!”

Several people expressed how amazing they thought her idea was. One user commented, “Looks brilliant, great idea for unfurnished studios.” Another agreed, and said, “What a fab idea!”


What do you think about this woman’s bed made out of drawers? Are you planning on trying out her idea? Let us know, and be sure to pass this along to your family members and friends, too!

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