Woman Causes A Stir Online With Photo Of Her "Unacceptable" English Breakfast Plate

Jul 21, 2021 by apost team

There are many different breakfast foods all around the world. Some people and cultures favor a light breakfast of salads or a few slices of bread with minimal toppings; other cultures can have a wide range of breakfast food, such as the US. Here, breakfast can be anything from sandwiches or cereal to pancakes or even a breakfast muffin. Many people prefer a simple approach to the first meal of the day and simply eat the leftovers from the night before. And who can blame them? In today's hectic and busy world, there's often not much time to make a more complicated, larger meal.

In the UK, the traditional British breakfast has long been known to involve a lot of different foodstuffs that many people outside the island nation would consider to be lunch or dinner ingredients. Most tourists know to be on the lookout for the notice that their hotel serves "continental breakfast" if they prefer not to eat the rather heavy British dish. British breakfast usually consists of fried eggs, sausages (often called "bangers" locally), beans in tomato sauce, hash browns or potatoes of some kind, and bacon. It might also be accompanied by grilled tomatoes, black pudding (which, despite its name, is a type of sausage made with blood), mushrooms, onions, and toast (sometimes served with marmalade). All in all, this makes for some rather heavy breakfast fare!

One particular woman, identified only as "Jessica M," sent in a picture of her British breakfast in May 2020 to the Twitter account "Rate My Plate," which encourages Twitter users to send in pics of their meals and have Twitter rate the presentation and composition of the food shown.


Twitter users were not amused by the picture Jessica handed in. Most commentators agreed that her breakfast was nicely presented and served, however, one particular addition to the dish was met with almost universal horror.

She had most of the usual common ingredients: two fried eggs per plate, two slices of fried ham, four small sausages respectively, one serving of fried beans in tomato sauce per plate, three small hash browns. And one extra piece of food that had Twitter crying out in culinary agony.

The horrible ingredient that so many Brits agreed had no place on a breakfast plate was... peas.

One neat serving of peas had been piled on each plate. And Twitter was not having it.

One user commented: "Who has peas for breakfast. Wrong on every level!"

Another user chimed in: "It's a criminal offence to consume peas before noon" Why noon? We don't know, but the user helpfully pointed out in a follow-up tweet: "PS. Especially when you have beans. Beans are your 'morning pea'"

Another user even hazarded a guess that this had all been done deliberately to garner more responses when Rate My Plate posted it online: "Those peas have been put there as a deliberate provocation." And in a follow-up tweet the user added further: "They knew what they were doing. Probably scraped the peas off as soon as they'd taken the photo."

Whatever the reason behind the British aversion to peas for breakfast is, it seems to be a strong one! British Twitter users were almost unanimous in their rejection of this ingredient.


Have you ever eaten a traditional British breakfast? Have you ever eaten peas for breakfast or even combined these two things? Tell us about your experiences and pass this on to your friends and family to find out what their stance towards the breakfast peas is!

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