Woman Caught On Video Shaving Her Legs In A Public Pool In Florida

Aug 07, 2018 by apost team

Most people visit resorts and stay in hotels in an effort to leave their stress and worries behind. However, one odd lady decided she was going to leave a little bit of her own body behind while on vacation. It was all caught on video for us to see.

This female tourist was caught on video at a public hotel pool. As kids and adults alike swam all around her, she sat at the side of the pool and shaved her legs. That is strange enough to begin with, but she was caught using the water from the pool to clean off her razor. Watch the weird incident in the video below. In the video filmed by a guest at a Florida resort, the woman in question can be seen with her legs in the water while she very clearly scrapes away at her legs with a razor.

She is completely surrounded by a lot of children and even adults, but she handles her razor in a way that shows she is completely oblivious to those around her.


While other swimmers don’t seem to notice, or they chose not to react, the cameraman decided that they had to show others this bizarre behavior. They knew that the internet would be amazed that this lady didn’t care she was leaving her remains in a public pool for others to swim in.

The video was uploaded and shared to Reddit where more than 50,000 users up-voted it, and more than 1, 600 users left comments concerning the weird spectacle.

As one commenter remarked, you often accidentally gulp water when you are swimming. Imagine getting a mouthful of shaved leg hair. Another said that he thought he had seen it all being a lifeguard for the YMCA. He realized that many people are “disgusting animals.” Still another commenter said that while they worked at a public pool they saw all sorts of disgusting behavior.

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