Woman Calls Out Her Date Who Made Her Leave When He Saw Her Outfit

Dec 02, 2021 by apost team

One woman who had dated a new guy for three weeks posted about an incident that occurred between them to her TikTok recently. Set to meet his friends and coworkers for the first time at his work party, the woman, named Nikki, spent time on her makeup and getting dressed up for the occasion. 

But when she got in the cab with the guy, she knew something was off. He kept looking at her outfit and he didn't seem to be impressed. In fact, he was "embarrassed" to go with her dressed like that, and the idea of her going home to change had been floated. 

While at dinner, she put her foot down and told him she would go dressed like that or not go at all. His response? "Well, then can I call you an Uber?" Upset, she went back to his place, where she'd been living, packed up her things and left.

After she posted about it on TikTok, not only did the story go viral, but many people wrote that she had just dodged a bullet, as they described his actions as tell-tale signs of controlling behavior. In her original video, which has been viewed 8.3 million times, Nikki wrote:

"It's been 3 weeks. I spent 40 min on my makeup to meet his friends and coworkers at a grand opening for the retail company he works for. He was too embarrassed to be seen with me in this outfit, so he sent me home in an Uber and went to the opening without me."

She showed her outfit, which consisted of a red trench coat over a black midriff top, high-waisted pants and heels, and she looked gorgeous. In a follow-up video, she pointed out that there was no more than an inch of midriff showing.

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Her story began to gain traction on the platform, which caused her to elaborate on the situation further. Although she usually lives in her renovated van with her cat, after she and the guy met on Hinge and had their first date, he asked her to stay longer as he didn't "want th(e) weekend to end." Soon enough it had been three weeks and she had lived with him the whole time. 

The night of the incident, after he became visibly bothered by her outfit, he told her she "just look(s) so pretty" but it was too much for the work party. Naturally, she felt upset as she'd put in the effort to look good for him and meet his friends.

But people called out the situation and believed that he was "narcissistic." This led Nikki to do another video in which she revealed there had been some odd behavior from him. This included comments about how he preferred her to dress and not wear makeup. In fact, she'd told her girlfriend about his comments and the friend had written, "I don't like that..."

Other commenters accused her of being high maintenance and having no boundaries, but she shut down those people quickly. She pointed out that she doesn't have hot water in her van and has to boil it just to wash and that she uses nature as her bathroom, so she's not really high maintenance. 

She also said that the comment about boundaries was "victim blaming." She highlighted that his behavior would have come out eventually, it just happened more quickly since she moved in with him right away. The scary part is one comment was from a domestic violence therapist who said, "testing boundaries just like this is exactly how DV escalates in a relationship."


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