Woman Births Identical Triplets & Years Later They Grow Up To Be OB-GYN Doctors Just Like Mom

May 24, 2023 by apost team

A mother’s influence on her children’s lives is beyond calculation. From conception until adulthood, children rely on their moms for love, care, and support. Hence, it is unsurprising to see the strong bonds between mothers and their children. Many children learn so much from their mothers so much that they wish to be like them when they grow up. Well, that is exactly what Miami, Florida, mom Dr. Janet Gersten’s triplet daughters did. 

Gersten has achieved so much in the medical profession and continues to leave indelible marks in her patients’ lives and in the medical world as a whole. However, despite the doctor’s numerous achievements and the accolades she has received and continues to receive, her greatest pride comes from her triplet daughters, Drs. Vicky Bedell, Joanna Bedell, and Sarah Bedell, also known as the Bedell triplets

When Gersten gave birth to her triplet daughters, she never thought all three of them would become doctors. However, Vicky, Joanna, and Sarah are not only in the medical profession like their proud mom but also OB-GYNs, just like her. The triplets’ story is so remarkable and adds to the many wonders the world has to offer. It also shows that many positive things can happen in a home filled with joy, love, and unity. The Bedell triplets’ story is inspirational in so many ways and is an example of how good parenting can positively impact children and drive them to become better adults. In an interview with TODAY on May 12, 2023, Gersten opened up about her children. Continue reading to learn more about Gersten and her fantastic triplets and discover their journey into becoming OB-GYNs like their mom.

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Gersten’s triplets were eight years old the first time they saw her helping to bring a child to life. During an interview with TODAY, Sarah recalled the moment she saw her mom help to deliver a baby. Despite the patient cursing and constantly apologizing for doing so, Sarah said her mom stayed in control. She said

“I remember my mom being very collected and having confident control of the situation, which was very cool to watch.” 

Meanwhile, Joanna remembered being horrified by the situation, and she mentioned three things that stuck to her mind afterward. Firstly, the then-eight-year-old never expected the baby’s head to be incredibly big. Secondly, it was the first time she ever felt like fainting, and lastly, she vowed never to become an OB-GYN like her mom. If only Joanna and her siblings could tell the future from then. Today, the sisters are OB-GYNs like their mom and are even in the same practice as her. 

While speaking to TODAY during an appearance on the May 12, 2023 episode, Gersten said she was proud of how things worked out. In 2017, the triplets completed their medical residencies. Afterward, they joined their mom at New Age Medical Research Corporation, Miami, Florida, which Gersten founded in 2000. 

Although the Medical Research Center focuses on gynecology and clinical research, Joanna, Vicky, and Sarah have different specialties. For instance, Vicky performs surgeries, while Sarah handles patients with vulvar skin conditions. Meanwhile, Joanna, who vowed never to be an OB-GYN in childhood, provides care for miscarriage and pregnancy termination patients. 

Gersten and her triplet daughters are also involved in volunteer work as they have actively served the non-profit Medical Students in Action since 2019. There’s no doubt that Gersten and her daughters’ practice and its evolutionary history is a dream come true.


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