Woman Backed For Not Giving Up Extra Plane Seat She Paid For So Couple Can Sit Together

Aug 05, 2022 by apost team

With air travel ramping up, issues concerning ticket prices, as well as comfort and safety on planes, are back in the news. In June 2022, it was reported that the airfares of the top three airlines in the United States were up a whopping 50%, attributed to an excess of demand over supply. So with cabins flying at full capacity, it's understandable that those with the means to make their flights more comfortable would do so.

Such was the case with one woman flying solo. Because she is obese, she usually buys two seats side-by-side to ensure comfort for herself and others. However, she got more than she bargained for on this flight and took to Reddit to get people's opinions of the situation she found herself in.

In May 2022, u/Tessy23 recounted her ordeal on the site's popular r/IATA board.

"I am obese. Like I am comfortable having two seats in the plane type of obese. I am well aware of that, and I really don't like to bother people with my weight.

"A week ago I was going to a conference by plane and because I was going alone (usually when I fly with my boyfriend I don't buy two since he sits next to me) I bought two seats. I fit in one but my side is usually touching the person next to me and I feel uncomfortable for them. It happened to me that they gave me nasty looks and I felt extremely uncomfortable the whole flight."

Just as she was in her seat getting ready for take-off, two passengers who were in a couple spied the empty seat next to her. They had been allotted seats separated from each other, so the boyfriend decided to take the empty one. 

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For u/Tessy23, this was decidedly not what she had paid for on the flight from Europe to the US.

"Some couple came and they both sat next to me because they got separate seats and they noticed the seat next to me was empty. Exactly what I was afraid of happened. My side kept touching the guy next to me and he even pushed me a bit when he moved in the seat."

It all got a bit too much for u/Tessy23, who had paid for two seats to avoid a situation like this ever happening in the first place. After hitting her limit at the physical distress she was feeling, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

"I was feeling extremely uncomfortable and asked him if he could go to his seat because I bought this one for my comfort. He told me no, since the seat is empty and he wants to be with his girlfriend. Well, I told him I understand but I feel uncomfortable and I paid for the second seat so exactly this doesn't happen. He refused again and started to chat with his GF."

Undeterred by his rudeness, u/Tessy23 tried a last-resort measure by bringing someone else into the situation.

"I called the flight attendant and quietly told her what is happening. She asked the guy to leave my second seat and he and his GF gave me a nasty look. The GF mumbled something like 'F*****g fat b***h' under her breath but nothing directly to me."

Redditors were quick to give their two cents on the matter, with the post receiving more than 35,900 upvotes and 3,400 comments.


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Many backed the woman, saying there was really no debate over the issue as she had paid money for those seats.

"It's your seat. You paid for it. If that (classless) couple wanted to sit together that badly, they should have paid for seats together," one user wrote.

"It doesn't matter why you purchased that seat. You could have bought it for the spirits of your ancestors so they could guide you safely to your destination and it would have been no one's business but yours. Sorry this happened," another commented.

"You paid extra for the comfort of yourself and the person next to you. ... They could have accomplished the same goal by having her swap her seat with the person sitting next to him. But they didn't want to. Not your problem. Give it no more thought," a user said.

"Plane seats are ridiculously too small for anyone who isn't a child, and as an overweight woman myself, I totally feel you on how uncomfortable this can be. You did the right thing."

The woman added in the comments that she was at least treated well by the flight attendant.

"I must point out the flight attendant was absolute sweetheart! Very kind and understanding :) She was also giving me the belt extension and when I apologized to her, she told me not to worry about it and it was overall very pleasant situation to talk to her."

The woman also received some advice on what to do should something similar recur.

"If it happens again, don't let them sit down. Block the extra seat and state immediately, 'I paid for two seats. This one is not available.'"

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What do you think of the woman's actions to defend her seat? Have you faced anything similar during a flight? Let us know and pass this on to all your high-flying friends and family.

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