Woman Arrested for Defecating on Boss’ Desk After Winning The Lottery

We’ve all been there – we’ve got a boss that we would like to flip off or swear at, but we wouldn’t ever dare – until we win the lottery. But would you be able to commit to it so much that you spend an entire weekend holding in your bowels because you dislike them so much?

Well, that’s just what one woman in New York did earlier this week. The woman won around three million dollars from the lottery over the weekend. What was her first thought when she heard she held the winning numbers? Revenge, of course! The woman said her initial thought was how she was going to pay her boss back after years of putting up with him.

The 41-year-old New Yorker said she went around the city indulging in food from every Mexican food truck she could get her hands on. But, she wasn’t just eating because she loved the food. No, she was storing up ammo in her bowels for when she completed the final phase of her plot on Monday morning.

Her plan was to keep her stomach as full as possible so that she could ‘let loose’ on Monday, on her boss’s desk. And that’s exactly what she did. She ate every burrito, chalupa and taco she could handle over the weekend and held it in to the point of feeling ill. The woman had said she was “shuffling around like an inmate on Death row.” Hey, no one said revenge was easy, but we thought revenge was best-served cold?

Monday Morning Madness

When her boss entered the office on Monday morning, he probably wasn’t expecting to find a giant dump laying on his desk awaiting him. He said that he thought something was up the second he walked up to enter his office and noticed his door was shut. When he opened the door, he was startled to find the woman on top of his desk, crouching over and making animal noises to release her excrement.

But, she wasn’t about to stop what she was doing out of embarrassment. Quite the opposite, as she turned to stare him in the eyes, continuing to empty her bowels all over her boss’s desk.

Her boss turned away to call in the authorities.

When the police arrived, they arrested the woman. Luckily she had the funds available to bail herself out and enjoy her newfound money. What did the woman have to say when the cops were putting her in handcuffs? ‘It was worth it.’

So, there you go…if you’ve ever contemplated a brilliant way is to get revenge on your boss after winning the lottery, you’ll have to go a little above and beyond telling them to go screw themselves. Instead, take a hint from this lady and unload some of your crap on his desk before giving him the finger.