Woman Approaches Cardboard Box Left On Street, Finds Small Abandoned Pup Inside

Jun 30, 2020 by apost team

After a pit bull puppy was abandoned by his former owners, he was adopted by a loving family who helped him grow up to be the happiest dog.

People often abandon their pets due to various reasons. These dogs end up in public places such as streets, where they live as strays. One of the reasons why people would abandon pets is having bought them without a plan, and then get overwhelmed by the care costs. Pets also end up in the streets, when mothers give birth to many babies, and there is not enough space for them at the homes. Pet owners do not often throw away all the babies in the litter, but often, one or more may end up abandoned in the streets.

An article on PetSecure highlighted the loss of interest, lack of money, and relocation as the main reasons why people choose to abandon their pets. There is a better alternative to abandoning the pets, which is surrendering them to shelters, where they are taken care of, but some owners choose to let them loose. There was recent security camera footage going round, of a man dumping a pet puppy. He was not so lucky, as the footage got him clear.


A lady named Shannon is a dog rescuer and had three dogs she had rescued living in her home. She never got tired of helping abandoned pets, as she got another puppy after her security camera caught a man dumping a box at a parking lot. She went out and checked the box, which was a pit bull puppy, and it looked weak and in need of urgent medical attention. The puppy’s hair was falling off, with her eyes colored different.

In an interview with the Dodo, she confessed, “He was in such a horrible condition, but he was still fighting and he was still hanging on.”

After saving the puppy, Shannon named him Jiminy Cricket, after a Pinocchio character. After naming him, she made a personal decision to nurse the puppy back to full health, and she did her best. Shannon dedicated her time and wealth to bring back the puppy to full health.

A few days later, the puppy was still struggling for survival and looked scared. He slowly started showing signs of improvement and even had a favorite sleeping spot. The family kept watching Jiminy’s progress in health, which was taking an incredibly positive turn. After about a week, Jiminy Cricket had already restored his health and showed signs of trust with the new family. His trust showed as he let people cuddle him, and eased up on the other family dogs. Before the lapse of a month, he was already growing huge and became the apple to the eye. He had outgrown his bed, and the other dogs looked smaller than him.  

Shannon commented in excitement, “This dog has been with us and has become such a part of our family, so we decided that Jiminy Cricket is staying with us and is going to be our fourth rescue dog.” Jiminy Cricket grew to be so adorable, that Shannon confessed to having considered him the most special of all her other rescue dogs. Shannon’s love and tenderness towards helpless dogs have been very inspirational and has helped in the transformation of Jiminy from a small, scared dog to a huge pet with a big heart.

The most important part of this story is how much his new family loves Jiminy. “The boys and I could not imagine our life without Jiminy Cricket in it,” she said

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