Witness Special Moment As Cows Are Set Free After Six Months Stuck In Barn

Jun 19, 2020 by apost team

Farmers in the Netherlands keep their cattle inside when the grass and rainfall get too cold for them to be out in the fields during the winter. When the lush grass and warm weather return for springtime, they let their cooped up cows get released outside, and it's a lovely occasion that many people come to watch like in this 2015 video.

Luckily, the long-awaited moment is properly celebrated.

This is such a notable happening on an annual basis that Holland makes a whole event out of it. It is known as Koeien in de wei in many areas, and this translates to “cows in the pasture.” The usual time it occurs is an April Saturday when masses show up to the barns and view this tradition, according to Stuff Dutch People Like.


It is quite evident in the video that the cattle long for this event, as they burst out the barns for the first supply of fresh air and green grass in months. They are finally able to roam free in their natural habitat once again. You can see the crowds gathered around to view the cows basking in their moment of freedom from the barn.

Once the lush, green grass meets the cows’ line of vision, they are filled with warmth and joy. You can see them in the video as the run and jump with feelings of happiness toward the lush plains. This is called the koeiendans (cow dance), which to cows do to express their sheer joy for the coming of spring and the return to their happy place.

As you can see, these cows are just so happy about the coming of spring. It had been a long time coming, and they are joyful for the return to the lush grass and warm weather.

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