Wise Dad Gives Daughter An Important Lesson In Dealing With Anger

Super-dad Attacks Anger Issues
Dad Helps Daughter Work Through Her Emotions
Father-Daughter Talk is Touching the Nation

Being a parent is a tough job but one dad, Randy Gaines, is making the most of his opportunity as a father by teaching his daughter how to deal with her emotions. While we don’t always think of men as being the most emotionally connected, Randy is raising the bar on parenting and doing what it takes to point his daughters in the right direction.

A new video posted by Randy’s wife shows him talking to one of their girls and helping her process her negative feelings.

The incident happened when Randy playfully teased his little girl and, although she is a goofy girl usually, this day she took it the wrong way. When the child got angry and acted out, Randy took her aside to talk to her about her feelings and the best way to deal with her negativity.

Randy got down on eye-level with the little girl and talked to her face-to-face, just like she was an adult. Randy reminded her that sometimes she likes to joke with him and call him silly names, and that sometimes he likes to do the same with her. Then he pointed out that, when she isn’t feeling silly, she needs to tell him so he won’t tease her. He repeatedly told her that he respects her feelings and will allow her to have boundaries.

Randy also told the little girl that it’s okay to have negative emotions – you just have to process them and go on with life. Rather than allowing the anger to well up and fester, Randy told her that she needs to work through it and move on with life.

Some of the coping tools that Randy suggested involved running around, kicking dirt, and punching a pillow when she gets angry.

Randy was quick to explain to the little girl that she was allowed to feel angry at any one in the family, and that they would still love her no matter what.

At the end of the video, Randy and his little girl kiss before he helps her get ready to go outside for a walk.

Randy’s wife, who posted the video, explained what a touching moment it was for her. She is so glad to live in a house where parents can connect with and guide their children without the usual yelling and screaming.

While you might expect Randy and his wife to have been raised in a household where emotions were freely expressed and honored, this is not the case. Randy’s wife says that neither she or her husband had tenderness growing up. Rather than following in the footsteps of their parents, they have taken the courageous step toward something better.

Randy’s wife said that she is so blessed to have him in her life – and I’m sure the girls will grow up to feel the same way about their amazing dad!