Will Smith Surprises Radio Station Receptionist He Met At Beginning Of Music Career

This week, Anita Scipio, a now-retired receptionist for iHeart radio, got the surprise of her life on her last day at work when Will Smith, 51, walked in to give her hug.

Will Smith took to Instagram this week to post a video showing him surprising an unsuspecting receptionist, Anita Scipio, on her last day of work before retirement. 

The 51-year-old explains in the capion of his post that he first met Scipio at the beginning of his career before going in for one of his very first interviews three decades ago. 


Smith visited Scipio as her 30 colleagues gathered to bid their farewell.

“You came in, you were just getting started,” Scipio is heard saying in the video. 

“And I met you then for the first time and now to have you back again it’s full circle.”

The singer even calls her mama at some point, which causes Scipio to squeal from joy. 

“Will Smith just called me mama!” Scipio says excitedly. “You made my day.”

“You go out there and you make sure you have some fun,” Smith replied.

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