Wild Bobcat Is Saved By A Young Boy From Forest Fire And 'Thanks Him' In An Unforgettable Way

Sep 14, 2018 by apost team

A wild bobcat almost died in a wildfire. He was rescued by a young boy, who took him home and adopted him.

Now, this wild animal acts like a domestic house cat, with ample love for the boy who saved his life.

This video shows some of the bobcat's heartwarming affection for his savior, as he snuggles and caresses his owner. It is so sweet to see how a wild animal can bond with a human.

The boy, George Kraus, rescued this bobcat as well as a young fawn from a fire in his town. The animals were having trouble breathing because of smoke inhalation.

Young Kraus brought them home and cared for them until they were well. It took some time to earn each other's trust, but before long the big cat became part of the Kraus family.

The bobcat, now named Benji, became a family pet. Benji lives in George's home as an affectionate over-sized house cat.


Benji loves playing with toys and being with his family. He takes naps on the furniture. He especially loves snuggling, as the video clearly reveals.

You won't believe how sweet and loving this bobcat acts! It looks like he wants to just climb on George's head and curl up for a nap. Benji obviously does not know how big he is.

He acts like a little kitten with his mother! This bobcat definitely wants some quality cuddle time with his little boy.

Watch this video and tell us what you think of this young animal rescuer and his grateful friend. Don't just keep this to yourself. Send this video to anyone you know who loves animals and wants to save wildlife. Show it to young animal lover and they will be jealous of the affection from this sweet wild bobcat, and motivated to save some wild animals themselves.