Wife Adopts Military Husband’s Dream Puppy Months Before He Returns Home And Captures His Reaction On Film

No matter if you’re young, old, or anywhere in-between, puppies make the best surprise gifts for those who have been wanting one for a long time. They’re the perfect addition to a new family, or a loyal companion for the elderly. Dogs are just awesome!

Now combine gifting an adorable puppy with a military homecoming video, and you have the perfect uplifting mix of adorableness!


Sergeant Christopher Deluca had just returned from being stationed in Afghanistan, but while he was away he and his wife tried contacting a couple who had a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy available, Chris’s dream dog. Little did Chris know, his wife had told the couple to lie and say there were none available so that she could surprise her husband with the puppy after he returned.

It was the perfect plan:

The couple would sit on a bench in the city holding the puppy and Chris and his wife would go over to pet it so the couple could surprise him and say it’s actually his.

The plan was working out perfectly as random passersby and Chris and his wife came over to greet the adorable puppy named Tahoe.

“Chris, you’ve got to come pet the dog,” his wife said, and Chris, grinning from ear to ear, quickly came over and started stroking the puppy’s head.

“Chris, this is your puppy,” said the man who helped make this special delivery happen. Chris didn’t believe him at first, and was even surprised that this random stranger knew his name.

It took some convincing from the couple and his wife, but Chris finally realized that this had all been set up and he was now the proud dog dad of the little Bernese Mountain pup!

To see his sweet reaction, watch the video below:

It’s always nice to see people getting the pet they’ve always wanted. That dog is going to a loving home!

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