Widow Feels Twenty Years Younger After Refreshing Makeover

Sep 14, 2020 by apost team

Julie Williams had been a fan of the Makeover Guy for years before she finally got his magic worked on her.

So when she felt she needed a pick-me-up to give her the courage she needs to finally face the world again following the unexpected death of her husband last year, she knew the right guy for it.

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This summer, Julie drove up from Edwardsburg, southwest Michigan, to meet Christopher Hopkins for a life-changing makeover. 

“I just need to freshen up and look good, and kind of face the world again,” she said.

Julie explained that she lived on a lake, which meant she needs a cut that was long enough for her to pull back when swimming or kayaking. However, she made it clear that she was after a “casual, tousled look” that was also low maintenance. Overall, she wanted a look that was “sexy, fun, and casual all at the same time.”

“I may be a certain age but I’m not quite there in my mind yet," she joked.


Hopkins had the perfect look in mind for her. He proceeded to cut her hair to a shorter length and lighten her tresses up with some chestnut streaks, before painting her with natural, toned down makeup. When her new look is finally presented to her, Julie becomes visibly emotional.

“I just feel like I’ve gone back to my forties, and, I just feel fresh and like I’ve had a whole new lease on being me," she said.

That's when she admitted that she had been watching Christopher Hopkin's makeovers for years, even telling her late husband she wanted him to get a makeover by him for her 69th birthday. Sadly, her husband passed away before that could ever happen.

“He would just be thrilled to see me so happy," Julie said, tearing up.

You can watch the makeover and Julie's interview in the video below: 

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