Why You Have Bulldog Cheeks And 3 Ways To Avoid Expensive Treatments

Jun 20, 2018 by apost team

Firm, sculpted cheeks are a marker of youthful good looks but not everyone is fortunate enough to be naturally gifted with them. For the rest of us, we have to make some careful choices about how we achieve this desired look. Although expensive cosmetic procedures are always an option, there are actually other options to consider. Try these three strategies before opting for the expensive procedures available from the medical spa or cosmetic surgeon; your face just might thank you.

Weight Loss

Excess weight has a tendency to show on the face. It collects along the jawline, leading to the sagging, jowly look characteristic of a bulldog – hence the name, “bulldog’s cheeks”. This particular look makes people look much older than their natural age.

Losing the weight helps take years off your face while also making you look fresher, more vibrant, and more energetic. As an added bonus, most people do not have to lose more than a few pounds for the results to start showing on their face.


Warm Compresses

Compresses made from a mixture of warm water and ordinary table salt can be applied to the face with a clean towel. Soak the skin for five to ten minutes, then rinse. Pat dry and finish with a light coating of moisturizer. This warm compress leaves your skin feeling smooth and pampered. Many people find their skin looking healthy and rejuvenated as a result of this simple home remedy. A few minutes a day may be all that is required to start fighting back against sagging skin.

Stimulating Massage

Massage is the skillful practice of stimulating the body’s tissue to promote healing and relaxation. It can be used to boost many different kinds of beneficial processes. Partnering with a trained massage therapist to target the tissues of the face is another way to heal the delicate skin of your cheeks and jawline. Not only will you leave the clinic feeling restored and relaxed, your face’s natural healing powers will begin to revive, too!

Try It At Home

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