Why Introverts (INFJs) Get Rid Of People With The "Door Slam"

First of all, if you don't know what an INFJ or "door slam" is, we'll get to that. If you want to discover your personality type, you should take a Myers Briggs test. INFJ is one personality type that stands for introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judgment. You may be surprised to learn that only around 1% of people classify as an INFJ.

INFJs are deeply emotional beings who connect with others on what could be called a spiritual level. If they realize that someone in their life is becoming abusive to them, they will only tolerate it for so long until they block that person completely and permanently. INFJs have been known to slam the door on people by blocking texts, changing telephone numbers, deleting their social media, and even moving to a new location.

INFJs try to see the best in people. They let themselves get walked over for a while because they don't want to accept that someone is mean-spirited, especially if they've previously bonded with this person. They will try to rationalize any form of abuse.

If you push an INFJ to this point of no return, they want to be dramatic enough to finally bring attention to your misdoings. Although they are empathetic, most INFJs will not let this person into their life ever again. They basically want to eliminate any evidence that your relationship ever existed as a coping mechanism for their loss.

Although the door slam may seem abrupt to the receiver, know that the INFJ has been struggling with this dilemma for a long time internally. Since they are introverts, they don't make friends easily, which means they want to hang onto as many friends as they can and avoid the door slam. Sometimes it is unavoidable.

The build-up to this cutting of ties is painful and slow, but, once it's done, INFJs will feel instantly lighter and healthier after dropping the dead weight.

INFJs are so compassionate that it can get the best of their relationships. Since they are so in tune with their loved ones, they may feel like they shouldn't have to communicate their needs since they just want to be simply understood, too. Repeatedly making your INFJ friend feel unappreciated unintentionally may cause them to cut you out for not being as intuitive as them.

Your feelings could be seriously hurt from this bold move, but you should really try to evaluate what went wrong and make serious changes before even considering finding a way to approach them again. If you can really prove that you've changed, you may be given a second chance. Just know that their trust will be hard to earn.

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