Why Aunts Are Important In Their Nieces' And Nephews' Lives

Apr 25, 2018 by apost team

Parents and grandparents aren't the only ones who can have a positive effect on a child's development. Aunts bring a special quality to their nieces and nephews’ lives by being a sort of second mother. While parents are there to teach and guide their children, and grandparents are there to love and spoil them, a child’s life will always be better with a loving, awesome aunt.

How are aunts an important part of children’s lives? 


1. Aunts make great teachers. An aunt can offer a different perspective when helping children learn anything from words and numbers to difficult life lessons.

2. Aunts are great gift givers. Aunts usually like to take advantage of buying fun and quirky gifts for their nieces and nephews because spoiling them is fun!

3. Aunts are amazing listeners. When a child needs help and guidance and doesn't feel like they can talk to their parents, an aunt is always there. 

4. Aunts are unofficial psychologists. Aunts have great life advice they're always willing to share, which helps them understand and relate to their nieces and nephews.

5. Aunts instill values. Much like a parent, aunts teach children about values and the difference between right and wrong.

6. Aunts make the best babysitters. Aunts love spending time with nieces and nephews, so they're always willing to step up to the plate to watch their little family members. They love to laugh and play!

7. Aunts are gentle disciplinarians. Aunts are generally more relaxed about correcting misbehavior and do it without being too angry or harsh.

Why Being An Aunt Is So Awesome

It’s amazing to be an aunt. Having little children look up to you and brighten your life is a great gift not everyone gets to experience. Plus you get to tell them about all the silly stuff their parents did as children! 

1. You get to do the fun stuff. Aunts never miss a birthday party or a chance to hang out with the kiddos. Sometimes they're even lucky enough to have fun things in common with their nieces or nephews and can take them to conventions, museums, and concerts when they're older.

2. The feeling when a new niece or nephew is born. The day a new niece or nephew arrives is incredibly special. No matter how many you already have, it always feels wonderful to welcome more.

3. So many hugs! The more and more children your sibling has, the more love for you! New kiddos mean lots of hugs and affection. Cuddling with your nieces and nephews is a wonderful feeling and great bonding time.

4. Watching your nieces and nephews grow up. Seeing them grow and change, and knowing that you were there to support them (and possibly spoil them a little) feels amazing.

5. Nieces and nephews help us relieve stress. When work has been difficult, spending time with nieces and nephews takes your mind off problems and allows you to do something fun. 

6. Buying gifts is great fun. Since you know them so well, it’s easy to pick out great presents and spoil them from time to time with their favorite sweets or desserts.

Being an aunt is an amazing gift.

Bonding with your nieces and nephews is the perfect way to create unity within the family and bring everyone closer together. Aunts are so important in their nieces and nephews’ lives, and now it's clear to see why! The bond between an aunt and her nieces and nephews will always be strong, especially if you spend valuable time together. Your love and care will impact their lives forever.

What are your favorite parts of being an aunt? What did your aunts do for you to enrich your life? Show your friends and family this article and let us know :)